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South Dakota State Park Actively Supports Geocaching

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It is noted in the latest issue of the offical publication of the SD Game Fish and Parks "South Dakota Conservation Digest" for March/April 2003 has an article titled. "Outdoor Recreation Gets Technical", This article by Becky Graff who is the park manager explains how she has introduced the GPS Adventure Trail within the Big Sioux Recreation Area. Classes on how to use a GPS have been held and the next one is April 26 2003. For more information contact the Big Sioux Recreation Area at 605-582-7243. WAY TO GO BECKY.

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Yeah, its the same one as the one on kelo land. The reporter used a mag 330 marine.


Here is the report as it was found on the keloland.com web site.



Satellite Scavenger Hunt


Global positioning has been used by pilots on military missions and even by law enforcement to track down the getaway vehicle in last week's robbery in Nebraska. Now this space-age technology has come of age by revealing its fun side. More and more people are tuning into a satellite to help them find hidden treasures.


Here in the woods of the Big Sioux Recreation Area near Brandon, I'm beyond the point of stopping and asking for directions. So a global positioning unit really comes in handy.


Becky Graff of the Big Sioux Recreation Area said, "You've got your north degrees and your west degrees and it also give you your altitude so you know where you're at elevation-wise."


This satellite treasure hunt is called "geo-caching," and the Big Sioux Recreation Area has a beginner course, kind of a par-three for geo-cachers.


Graff said, "I just have different items hid throughout my park, they're little garden stakes and you just follow the hiking trails and find all the stakes and at the end of the course you find a little treasure box."


It's around here somewhere, I just know it. (CRASH) What a stupid place to put a tree.


Graff said, "I have a spot in my picnic shelter to start out on, and I'll have a list of coordinates there and you just pick up a list and from there you just start programming in your coordinates and find the different positions along the course."


It's hard to believe a little unit like this can pick up signals from a satellite way up in outer space and come back to show me where to go on earth. That's what I call some frequent flier miles.


Graff said, "It also has an odometer for you too so you can see how far your trip has taken you."


Two feet, four feet, six feet, eight feet, ten feet.


"It's fun because it gets you out on the trails for one thing, anybody can do it."


Bingo! Here it is! Hey look what I found! The hunt ends when you successfully find the treasure box at the end of the trail. You don't know what's in it, so it's a big surprise. We've got some cards, we've got a bottle opener, we even have a friendly greeting card from some previous geo-cachers. It says thanks for the great GPS experience from a couple from Cedar Falls, Iowa.


I successfully found the treasure in my geo-caching expedition. There's one problem, though. Now I can't find my car. I guess you can only take technology so far.


There are some ground rules to geo-caching. If you take an item from the treasure box, you're supposed to leaving something else behind. There's also a start up cost to consider. A handheld GPS unit is priced around $270.

Perry Groten

© 2002 KELO-TV. All Rights Reserved. "


Wyatt W.


The probability of someone watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your actions.

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You will not be able to find the article on line as its an article published in the "Conservation Digest" the offical publication of the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks. Still its nice that the "OFFICAL" levels of state government support Geocaching, unlike some other states.

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Over here in Wisconsin the WGA received an email from South Dakota Tourism about an upcoming tourim promotion involving geocaching. (see below) We can't release our WGA membership email list, but we are going to take them up on their offer and request printed materials to hand out at our upcoming events. It looks like the SD tourism people have a keen understanding of how geocaching can attract visitors. This looks interesting.


Dear Fellow Geocacher:


South Dakota offers much for geocachers to discover! We at the South Dakota Department of Tourism are working on a promotion to share the story of South Dakota's Lewis and Clark Trail with geocachers. Would you be willing to share your membership mail list with us so that we may provide information on exploring our state? Or, would you be willing to distribute South Dakota geocache information to your club members? The information we intend to share is not available electronically.


Please email one of us at the email addresses below with the number of members in your association. We'd like to hear from you by Friday, April 18, 2003 so we may continue our preparations.




Jerry Nowell (jerry.nowell@state.sd.us) and Chad Coppess (chad.coppess@state.sd.us)

South Dakota Tourism

711 E. Wells Ave.

Pierre, SD 57501-3369

Ph: (605)773-3301

Fax: (605) 773-3256




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SD Public Radio recently aired a short (6min) bit on GeoCaching. "Olgezzer" was followed on a geocache hunt and interviewed for this piece. Jeremy Irish, the GeoCaching founder, also provided a quote.


You can hear it here:


Then click on "News Features", "April" (for 2003), then on "4.17"

You'll need RealOne Player to listen.


According to the radio reporter, a version of this same story will air soon on National Public Radio as well.



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