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Shinook & White Juan

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Just wondering, i created a pocket query of all my finds but the last date that is processes is up to Aug 28, 2013 and does not include my finds from September on. What am I doing wrong? I've ran this twice since that time and I get the same results.


Are you building a PQ for this or are you going below the list of PQs and using the "My Finds" query using the "Add to Queue" button?

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Run the special My Finds Query.


It contains All your finds, archived, and beyond the maximum distance, and more than 1,000 caches than the 'normal' PQ's


Keep scrolling down the PQ page to

My Finds

You can receive a Pocket Query containing a list of all the caches you have found, along with your log entries. Running this query will add it to the current queue for the day.


* The Pocket Query can only run once every 3 days.


And click Add To Queue

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