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Placement too close to puzzle cache final locations

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Here's the answer from the horse's mouth (geocaching.com) on 8 20 2017

Ask a reviewer to check coordinates

If you’re still unsure if your location is available, ask a local reviewer to confirm.

Tip: It’s a good idea to do this before you place your geocache.

  1. Create a cache page with a title like "Coordinate Check".
  2. Add locations as waypoints if you'd like the reviewer to check more than one location. This is similar to adding stages for a Multi-Cache.
  3. Add a Reviewer Note to make sure that the reviewer does not publish the cache page. For example, “Do not publish, this is a coordinate check."
  4. Enable the cache page and wait for your reviewer to reply.

Many thanks to Volunteer Geocache Reviewer palmetto for initially developing this article.

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