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I have a Garmin GPSMap 62st and recently I've found that, sometimes, after I have downloaded from GSAK, once I'm into the field the caches haven't loaded. Now it is probably me but, can anyone confirm how many caches can be loaded after the GPS has been cleared? Am I right in thinking that it is 2,000?

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I ran into the same issue once and since then I have done the following:

1) changed my geocaching queries so that the results were more specific and smaller (e.g. query change range from 10 miles to 5 miles, limit items found from 500 to 300, for example)

2) upload maximum of 3 GPX queries on the GPS, totalling no more than 4-5MB

3) after unplugging, start up to see if the Geocaches actually show in the list, so there is no surprise in the field.

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