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Is there a catagory for this?

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I've never tried to link a photo, so I don't know how well this is going to show up.


I have run across many business which have tile entryways with the name of the business or former business. Is there a category for this? If so which one is it? If not would it be worth discussing? I don't want to be lead on it, I just want to have a place to put this floor.


The photo is from (WMHFCD) Farmers Bank - McCormick, SC - U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

It's looking pretty big, wish I knew how to fix that one...

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I've seen a few of these, most of which were at the entrance to older apartment buildings in the downtown area. I was never sure if they fit in the mosaic category. I guess I've just got so many other pictures, that I've never put the work into it, to test whether it would be accepted or not. They are pretty cool, IMHO.

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I love these. I agree about trying the Mosaic category. Is the building on the National Register of Historic Places? Maybe this is a new category idea. . . .


You guessed correct, this is the entry at the Farmers Bank, WMHFCD. Now the McCormick Messenger office. I've come across a lot of these over the past few years. Unfortunately since I wasn't really thinking about Waymarking at the time, I don't have pictures or locations.


Is it catetory worthy?

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I don't see a requirement that the tiles form a picture to be considered a mosaic.


From the category description:


- the juxtaposition of these pieces form something recognizable (characters, animals, landscapes, forms...) or simply decorate a construction, a statue, a fountain...


With Characters being a key word.

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According to Outspoken1, leader of Mosaics, this is a mosaic.


So if you are visiting FARMERS BANK (WMHFCD) now the McCormick Messenger Newspaper, you might want to try to catch them during normal business hours to pick up a two-fer at this site.

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