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Activate Garmin Free 30 Day Trial Premium Membership

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Hello people!!


My Premium Membership is expired and I want to activate a Garmin Free 30 Day Trial Premium Membership.


I have already did it with others Garmin I have without a problem but this time, after registered my new Garmin device on Garmin webpage, installed Communicator Plugin and attached the new device, I pressed "Activate Your 30d trial" on Geocaching webpage and It didn't work. I received the following message from Geocaching webpage:


You must correct the following before activation:


The device has already received a Premium Membership. Try another device if you have one.


I think that Geocaching webpage is not recognising my SECOND Garmin device of SAME MODEL as a new one as it already worked with my other Garmin devices of different models.


On Garmin webpage it looks like OK, showing me all Garmin devices I own, and the rules of trial on Geocaching webpage are clear:


Each new Garmin device can be set up to receive a complimentary 30-day Groundspeak Premium Membership.


Do you know how can I deal with it and activate the Garmin Free 30 Day Trial Premium Membership for this other device of same model?


Any ideas will be very welcome. Thanks in advance.


PS: Yes, I am sure that the new device is attached on the computer (not the old one) ;)

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Contact Groundspeak directly. :) It's the easiest way.


I did it... and it is solved!! :laughing: Thanks a lot!

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