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Halloween Geocoin Photo Contest 2013

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Happy Halloween! To Celebrate, we are having a Halloween Geocoin Photo Contest. The winner will get a Steam Punk Robot Geocoin Gift Pack. So get out your creative hats - as only geocachers can - get the camera's out and start shooting.


To Enter Post your Photo's of The Steam Punk Robot on the Geoswag.com Facebook Page. Our Panel of Judges will narrow the entries down to the top 10. On October 24th, the Top 10 photos will be listed on the Facebook Page. That next week we will open it up for the Peoples Choice. 1 Point for Every Like and 10 Points for every share the photo's get. The winner will be announced on Halloween.



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Am I reading this correctly - is the cointest only open to those who are in possession of a steam punk robot geocoin. Other geocoins cannot be used in the photos?


you can copy and paste picture of steampunk robot on geoswag.com........and use the picture in any program you have to make something, i don't think you need to have one..

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1380700765[/url]' post='5307197']

Am I reading this correctly - is the cointest only open to those who are in possession of a steam punk robot geocoin. Other geocoins cannot be used in the photos?


I'm equally confused. The idea is to take a picture of your steam punk robot geocoin in some unusually creative situation. And the prize is a steam punk robot geocoin?

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Hmmm and apparently you don't exist unless you have a facebook account. Oh well next year it will be different. Got all excited then and .... boooo


What? FB isn't your whole life?? You don't spend 18 hours a day following everyone everywhere about everything???


BTW --- I don't exist either. No FB account, don't want one. Guess this is what they mean by living 'off the grid' ... :P


A lot of sites seem to make FB their home now. But they have no reservations about coming back here when they have something to sell ... :blink:

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No I do have a Facebook account. However we were on it in the first few months. A little while later my pc got sooooooo slowwwwww. So did a free check of my system on housecall and despite two systems for filtering out garbage stuff it had 4 trojens. 2 unidentified's ... 2900 nibbles of spyware and a partridge in a pear tree. Then only thing I'd done any different was go on that site. So off we came. Except you can't EVER leave. You can only abstain. Well you can disable but not delete your account. Click on the wrong link or but if junk and your back up and running again. It's quite a hideous site. But like all ubends that site keeps all the crap in one place. So it's cool.

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