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My Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX for sale.


Only used for two trips to france on the motorbike and was kept beneath the clear plastic on my tank bag so it's never even been subjected to the elements.


It is in great condition, everything works as it should.


Comes with 1gb micro SD card with UK maps on it and i will provide a CD with the user manual and some other software.



The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx GPS receiver, with increased sensitivity, gives a strong satellite reception, irrespective of the presence of a fog or dense tree cover. Having an electronic compass, this Garmin GPS receiver tells the direction you are moving towards. The IPX7 waterproof case of this Garmin GPS device safeguards the system from accidental spills, significantly insulating it against wear and tear. The large color TFT screen of this Garmin GPS receiver gives a clear display of your intended direction, without you having to squint. Drive worry-free anywhere in America, as this Garmin GPS device is integrated with US’s auto-route basemap. A 64 MB microSD card slot in the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx lets you load maps of different areas for improved guidance.


Product Identifiers

Brand Garmin

Model GPSMAP 60CSx

MPN 010-00422-00, 01000421000100042100GPS, 0100042200, 100042100, 100042200, 100042201, 100042204, 16413, 210227829, 900335, DHGPSMAP60CSX, GAR900335, GPSMAP60CSX, GPSMAP60CX, GPSMAP60CX 01000421000100042100GPS 0100042200 PEGRM0042100 PEGRM0042200 GRM0049 PN60CSXMAP 16413 GAR900335 100042100 100042200 100042201 010-00422-00 DHGPSMAP60CSX 210227829 100042204 GRMGPSMAP60CSX GPSMAP60CSX 900335, GRM0049, GRMGPSMAP60CSX, PEGRM0042100, PEGRM0042200, PN60CSXMAP

UPC 11129971759048, 689076691345, 718122109531, 753759049126, 753759049133, 753759058531, 753759076023, 753759103200, 812147013856


Key Features

Usage Handheld/Outdoors

System Type Handheld

Map Capabilities Download maps, Internal, Map cartridges / Data cards

Screen Size 2.6"

User Interface Keypad

WAAS Features WAAS enabled

Number of Channels 12 Channels



Display Size 1.5 in. x 2.2 in.

Display Type 256 Color LCD TFT Display

Resolutions 160 X 240


Technical Features

Marine Features Fishing Calcluator, MOB (Man Over Board)

Features Built-In Altimeter, Built-In Barometer, Calender, Compass, Geocaching Mode, Waypoint Icons

Audible Features Anchor Alarm, Arrival Alarm, Clock Alarm, Off-Course Alarm, Proximity Alarm, Shallow/Deep Alarm, Voice Navigation Instructions

Trip calculator Current speed, Elevation Computer, Maximum speed, Moving average, Odometer, Points-of-Interest (POI), Route Recalculation, Time of sunrise/sunset, Total average, Track Log, Trip Timers

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