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Americans In Italy - Does GC App work?

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Hello Italian Geocaching Friends!


We will be on a cruise ship, stopping in Napels, Civitavecchia, and Livorno with just a few precious hours in each port. I hope we can find a geocache in each stop in Italy and need a lot of help.


Will our iPhone Geocaching app work in Italy?


For each port, if we can find ONE geocache, what do you recommmend??


Thanks in advance for your help




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I hope you'll like Italy and the few cities you'll be visiting!


Your iPhone GC App should work properly, of course you'll need to save all the geocache for offline usage while you have an internet connection, I'm sure you know, internet roaming could be pricey, and Italy doesn't have many free wifi hotspots as other countries.


As for the must-do cache, I can't suggest anything particular, because I've never went geocaching in those cities, so given the little time you'll have, I'd say give a look for the caches with the most favorite points, maybe somebody else can suggest some particular ones.


Enjoy Italy and have fun in our country!


Gabriele aka geomafioso

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