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11.12.13 Multi Event Geocoin

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let me introduce my list all versions of 11.12.13 Multi Event Geocoins.

I have 19 versions now, but i can't to identify one (Black Nickel December version).


01 – Geoswag November

02 – Flash Mob Oakcoins Nov

03 – Flash Mob Oakcoins Dec

04 – Generic November

05 – Generic December

06 – Seattle, Washington LE

07 – South Carolina LE

08 – Ludwigsburg, Germany

09 – Yverdon, Switzerland

10 – Dartmoor, United Kingdom

11 – Dunedin, New Zealand

12 – South Bohemia, Czech Republic

13 – South Bohemia, Czech Republic LE

14 – Ontario

15 – St. Louis, Missouri

16 – Fayetteville, North Carolina

17 – Michigan

18 – Honolulu, Hawaii

19 – Victoria, British Columbia Nov

20 – Victoria, British Columbia Dec

21 – United Kingdom

22 – Manitoba December

23 – Manitoba November

24 – Perth, Western Australia

25 – Prague, Czech Republic 1st

26 – Prague, Czech Republic 2nd

27 – Jacksonville, Florida

28 – Other November

29 – Colorado December


I need to have these version:

08 – Ludwigsburg, Germany

11 – Dunedin, New Zealand

18 – Honolulu, Hawaii

24 – Perth, Western Australia

27 – Jacksonville, Florida


The Bookmark on the web will be created during weekend (hope) here: Bo.T.L.'s Geocoins Collection


If you Have some for trade, you are welcome.





aka Bo.T.L. Czech Geocacher and Geocoins Collector

Edited by Bo.T.L.

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19th version identified!


It is Ludwigsburg ... Bingo!


Bo.T.L. Czech Geocacher and Geocoins Collector

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Look at photos of my version South Bohemia, Czech Republic


Regular version






Photos of another versions (with Description) look at: Bo.T.L.'s Photo Gallery

Edited by Bo.T.L.

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Has anyone heard from Michael lately, despite multiple e-mails to him I never get a reply ?


Can you please resend your email?


Will do

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