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A request from the Highway Department


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The following was received by me today:



We got your contact, as you are the webadministrator for Luxembourg.



A part of the geocache “Bat out of hell - GC26DR5” was removed from its location on the motorway by National Road Administration, because this is forbidden. Furthermore its location was very dangerous for the geocachers. At the location, the team found the “bat”, it was already damaged and lying on the ground. We found also bottles and cut branches.



Please remove all geocaches from the website, which are located on the territory of the luxemburgish motorways (including service areas, interchanges, ramps, etc.).


Thanks in advance.



Best regards



Paul Mangen


Head of the Highway Department


Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures

Administration des Ponts et Chaussées

Division de l'exploitation de la grande voirie et de la gestion du trafic

21, rue du Chemin de Fer

L-8057 Bertrange

Tél.: +352 310502-1

Fax.: +352 310502-370







I have archived Fredur's cache, which is sad, as he put a lot of work into creating it. The map of the final location did not show it as being near a roadway, so I don't know what is going on here. There is no practical way I can look for caches "located on the territory of the luxemburgish motorways" but I ask you to voluntarily be self-policing in this regard. If you know of any caches that violate this please post a "needs archived" note. I'll disable the cache pending permission being obtained or the cache moved.


All the best,

erik - volunteer cache reviewer

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