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fallfall geoevent before the snow flies in sudbury ontario


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this event is about getting the Sudbury geocachers together before the snow flies for one last event .



Everyone will meet up around 12 noon and be given a little snack and a bottle of water as well as some coords for the 12 new caches that will be published before this event .




everyone will then disperse and go find the new caches and have a great time doing it .

We will the meet up at the restaurant corrds and sit back and relax and chat exchange stories and maybe get some help with those hard to find caches .there will be a place for tb and coin exchange .


the dinner location has a buffet that will be the responsibility of the cacher.


please respond with number of people attending so i can let the restaurant know


i am in the process of getting event published on gc.com

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only doing what i was asked of me by the reviewer .




Well, it's published:



I think you need to use html to make a link clickable in the cache description. There are excellent and easy-to-follow instructions at this site:



But I think editing the cache description would be easier on folks. Why not have it give the same information as your opening post here?


May I recommend that you post "additional waypoints", as the ones at the top of the cache page are different than the ones in the description. Not sure I understand two sets of coordinates, but folks might not notice the coordinates in the description.




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