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Hi all, I'm geopate and live in Portugal.


Since some years I design tokens and also have done projects for Geocoins, as the first Castelo Branco Geocoin, can see here: Link and the Geocoin for the Portuguese Forum Geocaching-pt with the Geocacher acasim, can see here: Link.


Recently produced the following Geocoin and have copies for sale, if someone interested.

Any question please ask me. Thank you all.



In Portugal there is the so-called "Portuguese Calçada (Sidewalk)", a famous portuguese mosaic placed in the streets, made of irregular stones of limestone (calcareous) and basalt, which are used to form decorative patterns contrast between the stones of different colors.

The design on this Geocoin is based on the "Calçada" and on the embroidery of Castelo Branco, Portugal, that emerged around the 17th century. These embroideries are an ex-libris of the city. The mosaic can be found are all over the city, mainly on the sidewalks.




Size: 45 mm diameter, 3 mm thick

This geocoin is trackable via geocaching.com with own icon: 2rynerm.gif


Nickel Geocoin - $15

Set of 3 Geocoins (Nickel + Gold + Silver) - $47.50


I have avaiable 5 Nickel Geocoins and 5 sets.


Shipping all world:


1 Geocoin = $3.70

2 or more = $6.10

Registered mail = more $4


SET of 3 Geocoins:





Nickel Geocoin:




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