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Physical Geocoin Store

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There are a few brick-and-mortar stores that sell Geocoins. Try you local sporting goods stores - I know REI has a small selection, others might as well. I know of two other options -- Oakcoins has a small store in their office in Kaysville Utah that sells coins they've made. And if you're in central Florida the Space Coast Geocaching Store is worth visiting. They have a good mix of coins for sale along with other caching supplies.

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As a beginning, try the Groundspeak store. From the main Groundspeak page, go to the dropdown 'SHOP' menu and click 'SHOP GEOCACHING'. You can use the same log-in for the shop as you do to log into your GC account. You can also browse without logging in to create an account.


They have a small collection of current and relative offerings and their shipping times are superior. Normally 'shop' orders over $25 are shipped FREE.


No, they don't have a huge selection but it does give you a reliable starting point. Trackable sellers are quite independent and it does take some research to become familiar with the 'regular' sellers. Many have gone to FB listings or private websites which does make it more time consuming for buyers. You can also check the listings on the e-place. There are hundreds always listed. Try a search for 'geocoins'.


Or ... buy some from everyone and become a geocoin addict like the rest of us here ... :laughing:

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