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BC: Can anyone help me ID this plant? And/or do you know if this is a jellyfish?


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A couple of questions, maybe someone out there knows:


--Is the blob a dead jellyfish? I see them randomly washed up on the beach every now and again. I turned it over, and the blobby mess looked like they might have been those long, tentacle things they have. Maybe someone has a link to what it would have looked like alive?


--What's the name of this plant? It was growing in sandy soil, close to the high tide line. The bloom was about an inch across, no scent that I could detect.


The plant, and pink blob, were both seen on an ocean beach in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.



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I swear the forums can answer all my questions! Maybe someone also knows what causes this in the wood? Is it worms?


Umm, and my walking stick, does anyone know what cache I left it at? I got no hits on that from Google.




Likely a Borer Beetle larvae of some type....


There are a number of wood boring insects commonly found in live hardwoods. Most notable of these are the carpenterworm (Prionoxystus robiniae [Peck]), the poplar carpenterworm (Acossus centerensis [Lint.]), the aspen carpenterworm (A. populi [Wlk.]), the ash borer (Podosesia syringae [Harr.]), the cottonwood crown borer (Sesia tibialis [Harr.]), and the poplar-and-willow borer (Cryptorhynchus Iapathi [L.]). There are many other wood boring insects, most of which are bark beetles (Scolytidae), flatheaded wood borers (Buprestidae), and roundheaded or longhorned beetles (Cerambycidae). Most of the latter borers attack only dead or dying trees and are not usually a problem in living trees that are healthy.


Regarding the flower, it looks like some kind of orchid, maybe.


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