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Questions on the Garmin 62S

Berta Nick Zoey
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I am a long time user of the 60CSX but wanted something that would have the description/logs/hint in it. I bought the 62S. So far I like it.


One thing that happened to me a few times is that I will be using the compass to walk towards a cache and all the sudden the arrow and the distance disappear. I re-calibrated the compass and it brought it back. This has happened a few times. Anyone else notice this problem? Is there a fix? I AM running the latest firmware.


Also, On the 60CSX when driving towards a cache, you could get turn by turn instructions in a list with a distance to the next turn. I have been unable to locate this on the 62S.


I like having a paperless unit, but Im wondering if theres a quicker way to navigate to particular screens. For instance If I want to find a cache, I click on the quit button until the geocaching Icon comes up, I then hit enter which brings up a list of closest caches. Its at this point that I think extra steps could be eliminated. A map of the area that the cache sins in comes up with the GO button highlighted at the end. Then an activity menu comes up asking how I want to get to the cache. I normally select Direct routing or Automobile Driving. If I pick automobile driving, another 2 choices comes up, save time or save distance. I dont want to have to pick this every time. Finally after the route has been calulated, can I bring up a screen that allows me to View Geocache. If all I wanted was to see the hint on a cache, it took me 8 button pushes to get what I wanted. Is there a quicker way to view a cache?

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The turn-by-turn instruction list is located in the "Active Route" page when routing on roads.


It sounds like you've got it set up for "prompted" routing and "prompted" calculation method. Setup -> Routing lets you change that.


If you're navigating to a cache and you are on the map or the compass, then hit the menu button and select "view geocache" to bring up a list of options (found, show description, show hint, show logs, etc.) for that cache.


You can also add or remove items from the page ribbon (the thing that comes up when you press page or quit) from the setup menu, too.

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We also used a 60 CSx prior to the 62S and liked it so much we got a second one. Almost everything you see on the unit can be customized including the ribbon selections and order of the menu items. Re navigating to caches I use a Nuvi 780 with caches loaded as favorites ( you can pick them up on Ebay for around $50 ) that way the 62 can remain set to walking, off road, etc.

I always use the map screen to select a cache to go to as its not always the closest...my wife uses the FIND screen.

The latest firmware isn't always best...I've tried all of them and find my unit performs perfectly with ver 3.90....the link below has 3.90 for you to download and has instructions ( you can always try a different one or put the latest back but everyone I know that has installed 3.90 likes it and keeps it ).....the biggest thing with me was accuracy.....I'd ask my wife, what are you doing over there....I put 3.90 on hers and now they are both on target.



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I cant figure out how to roll back the updates. I went to Garmins site via your link but cannot see where I can do anything. I even ran Webupdater but there were no options there for installing a previous version. Im running 5.0. I suppose I could do a factory reset if all else fails. I do use a Nuvi with my 62S for navigational purposes.


Go to the link above.....you will see 3.90 gcd file listed for download.

At the bottom of the page are instructions for getting it on to your unit.

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