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Central Iowa Geocaching Meet & Greet - January or February 2003

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It's been a while since we've had an event cache in Central Iowa. I've got quite a few different topics I'd like to discuss with Geocachers in the area, both for experienced and beginner Geocachers. Now that we're done with the holidays, I'm up for organizing an indoor Meet & Greet type event.


To do it right, I think there needs to be at a minimum 5 days advanced notice (2 weeks or more is generally a good idea). Unfortunately, the weather this time of year is so unpredictable -- with warm clothing, today would be good for a cache hunt, but who knows what it will be like 2 weeks from now. Even so, it might be possible to organize a newbie trek as well. Maybe we could do a newbie trek as a conditional add-on depending on the weather, but plan on an indoor get together as the base event. At a minimum, all the people that got new GPS receivers for Christmas could bring them and we could "find" someone's car "hidden" in the parking lot.


Well what do you all think? icon_cool.gif Suggestions, ideas and opinions?

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Now that I think about, if 2 weeks notice is given, January is out. (*smacks forehead* icon_wink.gif )


For me, Monday through Thursday are out due to work, and I suspect Friday evening wouldn't be good for most people. At this point, I'm free any Saturday and Sunday in February. I'm also open to afternoon or dinner, and could even be talked into morning. icon_wink.gif


I have a couple of ideas for location. One idea is to meet at one of the meeting rooms at the Urbandale library. There is no charge for using meeting room, and they allow for discussion without disturbing other library visitors. They're not that large though. I think they're suitable for 5 or 6 people at most - maybe they have a larger room that I'm not aware of. There might be another library in the area that would be suitable. I think the Franklin library in Des Moines has a decent sized room they might allow us to use.


Another idea is to meet at a restaurant like Perkins or Okoboji Grill. This would be sort of a discuss Geocaching over desert or dinner. Potential drawbacks: to seat larger informally collected groups, I think they prefer off-peak hours (1:30 to 4:30 PM) and they might limit how long we could lounge about.


Third location idea: There may be an enclosed shelter house in one of the area parks we could use. By "enclosed", I mean one with four walls and a closing door, as opposed to the open picnic style with no walls (similar to the one used at the picnic spinwebby organized this summer). I don't know if any are availble with heat, so it might get a bit frosty. icon_biggrin.gif


Some of these ideas sort of depend on how many want to attend, how long, what activities. Of course, there's no rule that says we can't have more than one event cache over what's left of the winter. In December 2002, Spinwebby suggested another newbies trek, and there seemed to already be interest. I could see doing an event for just started Geocachers, with a newbie trek as the weather allows, and then at a later date a Central Iowa Geocacher's Meet & Greet.


What do you all have to say about that? icon_smile.gif



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I think its a fantastic idea, too! If you want to eat while chatting, I'd suggest Ryan's Steakhouse on 86th in Clive. But the Science Center has offered up meeting space just about anytime we want, for free.


In the works though, Great Plains Geocaching is already working with the Science Center to develop a program around careers in GIS/GPS. We are still waiting on final word of when, but we've been lining up people whose work involves either GIS or GPS. It fits in with their new exhibit "Eyes on Earth" where they'll demonstrate how satellites provide us with lots of information all the time. Its a fantastic travelling exhibit and I'll try to find the URL they provided about it.


Anyway, point being, feel free to line up something more informal, but just know that we are also working on the Science Center thing and we'd hope you'll come to that, too. There's certainly enough time this winter to do both!






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The EOE exhibit looks very interesting, and I would definitely be interested in attending the GIS/GPS program. I haven't been to the Science Center in a long time, but sounds like I have a good reason to do so.


That does leave room for other indoor Geocaching events. Who would be interested in attending a Geocaching 101 session on February 18 or 25, say at 1:30 PM, somewhere in the Des Moines metro?




ICQ: 5563417

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I just realized that I was looking at the wrong page on the calendar when I suggested the 18th and the 25th. Doh! icon_biggrin.gif I had intended to pick a Saturday.


Valentine's Day weekend seems like a poor choice. What about February 8th or February 22nd??? Time and activities to be determined by popular demand. I think a beginner's event on the 8th and a Meet & Greet on the 22nd would be a possibility.


Also, I stopped by the Franklin Branch Library today. Their room is available and will hold around 2 to 3 dozen people comfortably.


-- Scott


ICQ: 5563417

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