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Calendar Wallpapers?

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So, I keep checking the goodies webpage for the new calendar wallpaper. Initially every day, then ever few days, and now every week or so. The 3rd quarter is nearly over and we haven't seen a new wallpaper published since April. What the hey? I'm getting tired of looking at the April-May-June calenders on my desktop already. I was a little miffed when they were reduced from monthly offerings to quarterly offerings, but the lack of a 3rd quarter 2013 is just ruining my life. ;)


Stuck in Morocco... in the Spring.

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So, I keep checking the goodies webpage for the new calendar wallpaper. <snip>


I so understand how you feel. I have the same! I keep the April-June wallpaper on there now, also because a few years ago they removed the Dutch GC-wallpaper (why?) and I would love to have a national themed one, if there is no calendar. I guess I'll just have to be patient...

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And another thing about the calendar wall papers that I don't get...


There has always been a plain version and then a version with the current month (or now quarter) calender on it. When the next month rolls around, the new one replaces the old one at the top of the page. Where is the archive of all those great wallpaper images? I can see pulling the one with the calender on it, but why isn't there an ever growing page with the non-calender versions? I've always kept a folder on my computer where I stick the previous wallpapers, so I have a couple years worth tucked away. But many of those old wallpapers are quite worthy of being put in the permanent download list!

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I have followed up with the teams involved and have unfortunate news: the calendars have been discontinued. Our apologies for not better communicating that decision here or on the Goodies page. The decision was made because there were extremely small numbers of downloads, and because the creative team involved in the design work has been overloaded with other projects in recent months.

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