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Geocaching Etiquette

Wanders but not Lost

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Hello Everyone!


I just thought I'd post a topic in regards to geocaching etiquette.


I have several geocache hides in my neighbourhood. I placed these hides to highlight the beauty of where we live, the great walking & biking trails, and the nice parks and greenspaces in our area.


As of late, it seems that perhaps in the excitement of making the find, my caches are ending up back in the wrong spots, missing their lids, etc. A few have been muggled, which I understand can happen.


However my disappointment lies in the fact that it is very unlikely that some of the caches that have suffered have been muggled (due to the location, the container type, etc). I can understand the thrill of finding a cache (that is the best part of Geocaching after all), but please be sure to be careful of being seen by muggles (keeping the hidey-spot unknown, ensure lids are replaced tightly, that log books are signed, and make sure that the cache is replaced in the correct spot. If something seems amiss (such as a cache in plain view, broker lids, strange location, etc), please include a comment in your log so the cache owner can check to ensure all is well.


If we are all careful to practice courteous caching, then the more fun will be had by all!


Thanks and Happy Caching!

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Your sentiment is correct, but sadly, true. However MOST of the people who use the forums already share the sentiment. The vast majority of cachers seldom visit the forums if ever and many don't even know about etiquette in regards anything let alone caching, or the guidelines.


The best action is to spread the word in your local community amongst cachers you meet, club members, and most important to educate anyone you introduce to the pastime. People who use media to spread the word have an obligation to word those articles carefully, since the words are some peoples only instruction on the game.

I avoid using any reference to 'treasure hunts' in favour of something more neutral. Even then one has to watch the words, since there is the 'I found it now I get to hide it' crowd, especially 'I can make it much easier/harder variant.


On thing I'd like to see promoted is that the person who finds a cache and takes it into hand be enouraged (strongly) to be the one who puts it back in place. Too often they get handed around and the person putting it back has no idea where and how it really was found/placed. Something to say for something posted on the forums a while back... Treat someone elses cache as you would have them treat yours... the Golden Rule of Geocaching so to speak.


Doug 7rxc

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