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Missing Geocoins


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Thanks for the quick answer. Seems strange, when some rotter's taken them and not moved them on, that they can't be deactivated.


Anyway, thanks again - much appreciated.


In some cases, permanently deleting trackable pages would not be a good idea. From time to time trackables DO reappear. Cachers have a myriad of reasons for holding on to a trackable so long, but some do get placed and that reactivates them.


As an owner, you can mark them 'missing' and that takes them out of any cache inventory they may not actually be found in. Then they will always show up as location 'unknown' (as one of yours does already).


There may also come a time when you may want to send a proxy or copy tag out to travel using the original trackable details and tracking ID code.


Your caching and trackables pages are a running history of your participation on geocaching.dot.com ... There are a number things that GS will not let members delete from permanent files. This is one of them.

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My backpacker frog went missing after a multi in the woods, fell off my backpack ... s*** happens.

A friendly cacher made me a new item where the code was written on, I took it to an event yesterday and now my 'new' backpacker 'ninja bag' can be disovered again.

My husband's TB got lost somewhere in Australia, we used the trackingcode to make my car TB (we had some big stickers made in a shop) and now it got a new travelling life :)

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