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iPhone vs GPSr


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Hey Guys and Gals,


New here, and I have a little question :)


Started GCing only a short while back, as i needed a new hobby to focus my energies on. Stumbled across this due to a friend and a FB status.


Now, i know it can be looked down on, to a certain point, but i have been using the GC paid app, and have rarely had to log a DNF, cos it generally gets me to within a few metres from where the cache is hidden, and then i just use my gods gifted eyes to find the hiding spot.


My question is,

Do i HAVE to use a GPSr/handheld device to get the co-ords if i want to place a cache? or can is there an app i can use on my iphone 4? At this point in time, i dont feel that its a timely investment, or frankly one i can afford at the moment, but i would love to take my caching to the next level, and start to leave some for people to find.


ive only been doing it for 2 weeks or so, and already have logged 25+ finds, and plan to do many more, as i travel often to see family, and every where i go there seems to be at least 5 caches within a 10-15 min walk from each other, and i need the exercise due to a back injury, but being injured and not working, its hard to justify spending ANY spare money on a GPS unit.


Also, whilst here,

when doing the "puzzle" caches, when i have worked out the "new co-ords" to go to, how the hell do i enter them into either google maps (on the iphone), or the GC app, or a stand alone app? each time i enter them in, i get taken far and wide from where i actually am ha ha - and NO they arent Multis/Puzzles that are meant to take you that far away! :) (ive had one where the 1st WP is in Aspendale, Vic and then when i googled the co ords for the new WP i was taken to Parkdale (a good 5+km away) and then when i got home and googled them again, i was taken to Pukapunyal (sp??)... Really need help on that too, as id love to be able to log some puzzle finds :D)


Thanks in advance :D



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Fear not, there are solutions for both your dilemmas!


First, using the iPhone for hiding a cache. Getting accurate coordinates is more a result of the care and patience of the hider than the device itself. You can obtain accurate placement with the iPhone 4, but you will need to take a series of readings and calculate the average for the best accuracy. Download an app called Perfect Mark (I believe it's still free) and use it for waypoint averaging. Start taking your sample reading and set the phone down at the hide spot, let it sit there for a few minutes to settle down. Once you save that sample, come back another time (like a little later or maybe the next day) and add another sample to that one. Do this two or three times at least (the more samples you obtain the more accurate your placement will be). Then when you think you have good coordinates, use them to navigate to the spot yourself. If it brings you right to it you should be good to go.


For puzzles and multis, while you are navigating to the cache, in the map view, tap the button in the upper right hand corner, the one with the three dots on it) to bring up the Add Waypoint screen. Enter your new coordinates and hit Done (name it if you like). When you return to the map screen there will be a flag icon on the map at the new coordinates. Tap it and select "Set As Target" and off you go. (If you choose not to go after the final at this time, the new coordinates will stay attached to that cache....later on just pull up and navigate to that cache again, the new waypoint flag will still be there to select as your target)


Good luck!

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