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Actually combining Geocaching and Amateur Radio


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Anyone have ideas on how to actually combine the two?


Like a cache you need to use ham radio to find?


I don't see why this would be prohibited. There are lots of caches you need special equipment (climbing gear, scuba gear, boat, etc.) and/or knowledge/skills to find. For example GC1Y038.


At one time I tried to provide some info for hams in my cache write-ups in hopes that maybe I'd get some calls on the local repeater from fellow geocachers, but the admin said I had an 'agenda.' Well, yes, providing such info might promote ham radio; but I don't see the trying to get in touch with other ham geocachers that might be in the area should be prohibited.

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Maybe have a cache where you have to go to your local repeater, or a fellow ham's antenna and, say get numbers off the side of it? That would at least get them informed of ham radio.


Unless you could set up a recorded message or something they have to tune into, in order to get the co-ords. There's another thread around here for this as well.

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Ham guys used to do something called a "fox hunt" where they would hide a small transmitter. Users with directional antennas would try to find it. Sort of geocaching before gps...

They still do around here, I met a fellow ham at a hamfest, that also was a geocacher. I met up with her again at a geocaching picnic.

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