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Concrete Arrows

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I ran across one of these arrows a few years back in 2009 while geocaching. It is out on a ridge in the west Utah desert. The only reason I found it was because there was a multi-cache placed near here, that used this arrow as the starting point. It was the Arrow on Skunk Ridge multi-cache. It has since been archived. It is the only arrow like this that I've ever seen. The cache page had this link about the history of these arrows.


I took a few pictures while I was there. You can see the stubs in the corners of the square, that are left from the beacon tower that was removed. The beacon tower was a benchmark.







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Interesting objects! But it looks like they are too limited in number as well as geographical distribution to legitimate a category on their own. Maybe it could be broadened? I do not know anything about these things, but I could imagine that something like "Outdated Aeronautical Navigation Aids" would have more potential. Is there anything else that would fit at all? Who is an expert in aviation history?

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