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Conservation Futures GeoTour in King County WA

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Conservation Futures GeoTour

Over 111,000 acres of forests, valleys, parks and shorelines that we see every day exist because of Conservation Futures that protects it from development. King County is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the program with a GeoTour that takes you to 20 properties.







King County has just issued this Press Release, below. (link to original)


Last chance to earn a geocoin while touring beautiful King County parks and trails


Just one month left in the year-long, GPS-guided tour of properties protected through Conservation Futures funding


King County Parks' GeoTour of 20 beautiful and fun parks and trails comes to an end Oct. 6. All properties, including iconic Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park that was slated for housing development in the 1980s, were purchased and protected with help from Conservation Futures funding.


Since the event began in October 2012 with an event on Cougar Mountain, nearly 100 people have earned a commemorative 30th anniversary Conservation Futures geocoin by finding a cache box and stamping their GeoTour Passport with the unique stamp found inside each of the 20 caches.


"We have received so many positive comments from geocachers who have told us that they enjoy the opportunity to explore new areas of King County's parks and trails systems as part of this GeoTour," said King County Parks Director Kevin Brown.


The sites that have earned the most "favorite" points from geocachers include Lewis Creek Park, Snoqualmie Valley Trail at the Tokul Creek Trestle, Pinnacle Peak Trail, Ring Hill Forest, Tolt-MacDonald Park and Rock Creek Natural Area.


Commemorative coins are still available for those who get their passports filled by Oct. 6, when all caches will be taken offline.


Geocaching is a GPS-guided treasure hunt that started in the Pacific Northwest at the turn of the new century when government satellite technology became available to the public. The King County Parks geocaches are among over 2 million geocaches worldwide. Free GPS apps are available at geocaching.com.


King County Parks partnered with geocaching.com on the GeoTour to celebrate the accomplishments of Conservation Futures funding, which has been used to protect 111,000 acres of land and leveraged $150 million in matching funds for parks, trails and open space.


The enthusiasm and appreciation for these parks properties from the hundreds of GeoTour participants has been overwhelming since the event's kick-off at Cougar Mountain on Oct. 6, 2012.


Get a passport, the list of parks and trails on the GeoTour and view cache logbook entries on the Parks GeoTour website.


# # #


Celebrating its 75th Anniversary, King County Parks - Your Big Backyard - offers more than 200 parks and 26,000 acres of parks and natural lands, including such regional treasures as Marymoor Park and Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, 175 miles of regional trails, 180 miles of backcountry trails and a world-class aquatic center. By cultivating strong relationships with non-profit, corporate and community partners, King County Parks enhances park amenities while reducing costs. Learn more at http://www.kingcounty.gov/parks/.




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