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Cache to Eagle series

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I am a merit badge counselor for the Geocaching Merit badge. One of the requirements the boys can choose is to find 3 Cache 2 Eagle (C2E) in a series of 12. The only C2E series I could find is located in California. I would like to create a C2E series in Eastern NC. I have looked at other generic series and they all seem to be "treasure hunt" type with clues to the next cache in the series. C2E series are caches located at Eagle Projects. I have gotten the list of all Eagle projects completed in our area since 2009. My question is does one cache need to lead to another in the series? Can I place patches in the cache with a take one leave one request in the cache description? Patch trading is big with scouts. Any advise on creating a series would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!

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There is a C2E series near you in Carthage, NC. The first one is GC3MPZM and goes through the 12 points of the scout law.


You can make a stand alone cache with the put one take one patch idea, but caches are open to everyone. Not everyone is a scout or scouter, so you cannot restrict it to that. You will wind up eventualy with all kinds of swag in the container besides patches. I've seen it with many C2E caches.


The ones near you are 12 separate caches. You can set up another trail in your council if you like. Remeber, caches cannot 'promote a cause' or whatever the exact terminology is used. Look at those caches as a guideline and you can develop your own.


One problem I have observd is scouts set up a trail for an Eagle project and then never maintain them. Put them out as a troop, or OA chapter project where they will at least annnually check the containers and do maintenance on them.


Mark Case

Education Forum Moderator

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