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Just completed my first EarthCache today. Requirements had me estimate height of a cliff, make a few observations, then log the find. I managed to download a free app to assist with the height measurement (wasn't able to climb and get a topo measurement), but was curious if there were any commonly used apps or tools to estimate cliff height and determine water temperature. Recommendations for any other common EarthCache tools would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Here's what I carry in a Lock-N-Lock:


Pool Thermometer - from a Pool Store

pH Kit - from a Pool Store

Hand Lens Magnifier

Measuring Tape – from a dollar store

Magnification Card replaces “cheaters” - from a dollar store

Plastic Protractor – from a dollar store


Mineral Guidebook


This should cover most ECs...

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I carry whatever is in my geobag, plus whatever is required by the earthcaches I plan on doing that day. Keep it simple.


Yes. An estimate is an estimate. I thought it looked 70' tall. So, it was 140' tall. The CO asked for an estimate. The CO got an estimate. I'm not good at estimating.

I have bought an appropriate thermometer for caches asking for water temperature. If the CO wants accurate measurements, I have a tape measure. I read the cache page to see what is required and plan accordingly.

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