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Geocaching and Motorbike

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I am now leaving in Belgium, near Bruges. My Dutch is not so good (yet ;-)), I speak French, but prefers to type in English here to touch both side of the language border ;-)


Is there (I am sure there is) anybody in Belgium that combines both motorbiking and geocaching?

I do from time to time. I select a few caches, not too close to each other, and then I go with the motorbike to each of them, trying to find some nice roads on the way.

I also sometime go with the motorbike to an area with several caches, park the bike, and do the several caches by bikes.


How do you combine both on your side?

Where are you from?


Thanks, and happy geocaching,


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Hi Thom


I'm from Belgium too and also a passionate motorcycle rider. I tried to combine both of these hobbies too in the past but I did not really like it as i'm riding my bike i'm fully eqquiped most of the time (boots, helmet , jacket,... and so I don't find it nice to go crawl and seek with my clothes on.


I've done it in the past with some easy to find caches but as i'm more of the adventurous type I prefer keeping both hobbies apart.


That doesn't mean that I sometimes take my bike and drive to the east of the country, park my bike, find a place to leave all my motorcycle gear and go for a nice walk.





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Thanks for answering Penumbra59.

I would agree that it is not too fun to go on a hunt with motorbikes clothes on, even more in this hot weather we had lately...

When going on a Motocaching trip, I try to find cache on the road/street, eg with less than 100 meter walk. In these cases, I try to have more than 10/15 km between each cache, to enjoy the ride as well. 30/40 km between cache seems the best to me so far.


Otherwise, what I do, is I park the bike near an area where there are several cache, leaves the helmet, jacket in the top case, and go on the hunt. In this case, it is tru I usually do not wear a motorbike trouser, but a regular jean or the like.

Have fun,


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I'm leaving in the southern part of Belgium (Tournai) and I tried to combine Motorbiking and Geocaching but like Penumbra59 I did not like moovin around and looking for a cache when fully dressed for motorbike.

So when trying to do a serie of cache along a road I prefer using my car which actually also allows me to find nice roads to use later with my motorbike.


Enjoy geo-biking ;)



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