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New account attempt. Say email aleady being used.


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When trying to help a friend start an account and filling in the information form, after clicking the submit button, a message appears and states that the friends email address is already being used.


This is our friend's personal email address and no others use it. It prompts us to use an alternate email address. She has no other email address.


How can we get her email address associated with a new account address. All the other boxes were filled in correctly. Name, address, geocaching name request etc.

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I know this may sound odd but I would suggest setting up a separate e-mail account just for geocaching. Set it up before you set up the geocaching account. I know a lot of people who have done this, myself included.


Use a live.com or yahoo.com account. My normal accounts are laker91@blahblah.com but for my geocaching account, I like to use lake91geo@blahblah.com so I only get my "important" notifications when a cache is placed. You can set smartphones up to access multiple e-mail accounts so that is easy.


Just my $.02.

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I was suspecting that since the OP was helping a friend, that perhaps the friend had already attempted to create an account that either completely or partially worked, and thus the email was properly in use. That 'forgotten' thing might evoke memories of that.


Doug 7rxc

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