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If I ain't got bad luck I ain't got no luck at all


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Taking time out to locate a cache on long trips helps break the monotony of the drive. During a recent stop in Pocatello my wife and I dropped the coordiantes for a cache site into the GPSr and found it was pretty close to the freeway. We pulled off in an area close to the cache coordinates, locked up the car and began our walk to the "prize". After unnecessarily climbing a very steep slope (we later learned that a local road would have taken us to the top) we found that the cache was still quite a distance so I suggested my wife remain at the top of the hill (like a gentleman should) while I walked back to get the car. UhOh.... "honey, let me have your keys cuz I think I locked mine in the car". "Well, that's just great, cuz I locked my purse in the car and my keys are in it"!. We walked to a nearby industrial park to borrow a phone. Locksmith arrived in about an hour and restored access to the car. We drove to the top of the hill and I got to do some more walking. She wasn't in the mood to participate further. I searched for about an hour at the place the coordinates said I'd find it - "it's gotta be here somewhere, but it ain't. I did find a large quantity of foxtails and other nasty weeds. She took pitty on me and came to help but we both came up empty. Then, the screen on my Magellan Meridian Plantinum went blank. Batteries are good; power is on. Didn't matter what button I pressed there was no response from the GPSr. Perhaps somebody's sending us a message? We closed up shop on the hunt and dragged ourselves back to the car; GPSr still not working. Returned to our intended route and finally got a hint of life from the GPSr after a 30 minute cool-down. Next day it was working normally. We'll try to Pocatello cache again next year - but with a spare key in my shoe.


"Today's truth remains valid only as long as it withstands the test of tomorrow's discoveries" - George Hicks

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