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Centimeter level precision Low-cost RTK GPS receiver!


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Will they ever be able to get that in one handheld unit?


You need two separate receivers, which are some distance away from each other, to get this working. Not sure if you will be able to convince fellow geocaching teammembers, to stay some distance away with the second receiver, while you search for the cache :lol:

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Domo again!!!


WOW!!! The Kickstarter program is gathering over five (5) times it's funding goal!!!



I'd love to see a USB dongles of some sort, so I can cache 'better' with a MacBook Pro, or even something that will attach to a GPSr-less iPod or iPad.

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Wow! A GPSr with the accuracy of about the hole of a duct tape roll!!! B)


Interesting but will not make bit of difference for geocaching even if your unit and the unit of the hider are both within a centimeter unless GC changed their format to a XX XX.XXXXX format (5 digits). The current .xxx format has an error margin of around 5 feet at most locations.

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