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<Please Delete This>


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The *any key* is the one that makes the cup holder on your PC slide open!


Took *any key* left golf ball.


Which thread has more replies -- "Please delete this" or "Ignore this thread"?


Originally posted by con-tex seekers:

 To delete press Any key. 


I still haven't found that "any" key anywhere on my keyboard. I must have one of those cheap keyboards.


seekin more light, peace, harmony, and lotsa caches.

http://www.texasgeocaching.combr brhttp://houstoncachers.org

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Found it! Looked all over the forums for hours. Finally looked down and there it was! It's always in the last place you look, huh?


Took leisure suit (for an important job interview today) and left a Popeil Pocket Fisherman and a book entitled "<Please Delete This>: The Thread That Almost Wasn't".

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"Please Delete This" has been plundered. I found the thread lying in the middle of the forum, HTTP redirecting to itself. The logbook, the Pocket Fisherman and all of the hambits are gone, but I did find a page from the book. It had been torn out and some punk had scribbled on it: "Neat thread. Took everything. STONERS RULE!"


I tried emailing the thread owner, but my messages keep getting deleted. (I even put "Please Delete This" in the subject line.) I recommend that this thread be archived.

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Originally posted by cottingham:

"Please Delete This" has been plundered.


I recommend that this thread be archived.


DNF icon_frown.gif Went looking for this thread today. Had lots of fun reading all the logs, but couldn't find the thread!! AGH. Now I see it's been vandalized. I sure hope it gets replaced. I wanna try to find this thread again.

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Originally posted by dacoma:

...I'm laughing so hard I have to pee. That bush over there isn't poison oak is it?

Are you squatting or standing?? Standing, no problem with the poison oak but electric fences..OUCH!!


Found the cache. Somehow it got caught in the river and floated downstream. That is where all the $h!^ goes. Nothing in it but put in Michael Jacksons other glove that he lost a long time ago.


My hockey Mom beat up your soccer Mom.


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Hey, what's goin' on in here? I'm here, I'm excited to be joining in all this...I'm just not sure what "this" is. But I'm here, cuz so many others are here, and I'm afraid that this will turn out to be the next big thing an' if I'm not here I might be the only one left out and everyone will be laughing at me. So, just for the record, I just want everyone to know I'm here, and hip, and open minded and perceptive to new stuff like this....ummmmm...you know, thing, ummmm, here.


someday we'll look back on all this and plow into a parked car.

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It figures - I put my TB <The delete key TB> in this cache and of course it has been absconded by PUNKS!



"If you ever go temporarily insane, don't shoot somebody, like a lot of people do. Instead, try to get some weeding done, because you'd really be surprised." - Jack Handy

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