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Including placed caches

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Just a thought, for the souvenir run and into the future would you consider including placed caches in the tally. For most of us we put effort into the hiding, and placing, this also ensures that our fellow cachers have something to find, so placing a cache on a given day may count towards achieving a piece of art.



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Good luck.


We tried to get the CITO souvenir awarded to us back in April for organizing a CITO Event.


Was told: Nope, can't have it.


Cache placers aren't held in the same regard as cache finders.

You can log an attend log on your event. That is considered the done thing, unlike finding your own cache.


Back to the OP, who precisely would this souvenir go to? As I can place a cache today and it not get published for months. Or I could place it in September and pretend I placed it today. Who's going to know?

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If you place and submit a cache in August then you get a souvenir.


Since you haven't placed a cache this month, I wonder how you know this? :unsure:


In any case, the souvies are for finding caches, not for placing them.


If you want a souvie for placing a cache, log a find on it.


It might make you look foolish, but only the cache owner will delete your log.

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Elsewhere there is a thread about a guideline that prohibits challenge caches from being based on caches a person has hidden. The idea behind this is that Groundspeak does not want to encourage people who might not otherwise place a cache from placing one. People don't place caches for a number of reasons: they don't have time to do maintenance, they already have as many caches as they are comfortable doing maintenance on, they don't want the hassle of getting permission, they don't want to spend money on a good container or on stocking the cache with swag, etc. If you think about it, why would you want someone who doesn't already want to place a cache to place one?


If Groundspeak wants to be consistent with their guidelines for challenges, should they be encouraging people to place caches by giving them souvenirs?

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You can log an attend log on your event. That is considered the done thing, unlike finding your own cache.



We could, but we don't. To us it is the same as 'finding' your own cache, but there's a thread for that elsewhere.


Without players placing caches there wouldn't be much of a game.

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