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Cache Litter

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Found a cache today which is simply a deodorant can thrown down in a rose bush, in the middle of a small development of houses. When I turned the corner and found it (after having suspicions that it would not be the best cache I have ever found) _ I was gobsmacked. I mean, really blown away. Its litter. Plain and simple.


I added a 'Needs Maint' to the cache asking the CO to remove it. They have refused. I don't really want to start having discussions with reviewers about it, so if I take the cache myself and dispose of it and then added another 'Needs Maint' am I likely to feel the wrath of gc.com?


http://coord.info/GC4F35J is the cache in question.

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Erm ... If its a cache container then it isn't litter it's a cache container. Unconventional perhaps but you have no right to start calling the odds. Certainly not to remove a cache container on your own authority.


A Tupperware box is technically litter if left in the world. As long as its maintained (and I've not looked at the link) then it's a disguised cache container. It appears that you have not come across many different types of hide. I say appears because I don't know for a fact obviously. But we have several here. Hidden in a fake dog poo. Hidden in a beer can. Hidden in a bottle cap. Hidden in dog poo bag. Our TB was placed in a sock on the beach in Australia. An old purse. A rubber duck. A wind up whale. The list goes on and on.


Technically ALL litter if left. But maintained and hidden and recorded as such .... No you should log it, and enjoy its inginuity. Or don't enjoy it but respect others may enjoy it. I just don't get the attitude. But you later here so you must expect polorised views. If you remove it yourself it's technically theft as it does not belong to you.

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I found a cache that was an old toothpaste tube once. It was out of place, but someone had taken time to put it there, it's not up to me to decide what container someone uses. It is my choice whether to do any further caches placed by that cacher though. As far as I can see, it is someone thinking outside the box and maybe trying to put a finder of the scent (pun intended)and making for a little more awkward find

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Hidden in a fake dog poo. Hidden in a beer can. Hidden in a bottle cap. Hidden in dog poo bag. Our TB was placed in a sock on the beach in Australia. An old purse. A rubber duck. A wind up whale. The list goes on and on.

A cache shouldn't spoil the environment for non-cachers. If the CO leaves an eyesore (e.g. aerosol can) in full view where previously there was none, it's a bad hide.

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I've seen enough containers Seaglass in enough locations to determine what is and what isn't acceptable.


This was litter, pure and simple. If I was a non player and people started leaving aerosol cans on my street, I would not be pleased at all. I guess you are perhaps not lucky enough to live in an area you are proud of.


That said apparently its gone. It wasn't me that took it so I'm happy that there are other players out there who have dislike of littering to my high levels also.

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In your opinion. But not all opinions.


Heaven forbid this is taken seriously. Because then film pots are litter and boxes and hunting duck decoys and and shrek childrens toys and fake dog poo, metal nanos, magnetic sheets, fake batteries in a box, and old telephones with the cache in the reciever blah blah blah blah ..... yawn move on.


If we took seriously half the pretensious crap that was spouted on here, geocaching would be:


Never a micro in hedge but micros are fine as long as they are a good hide but not urban as long as they are not in countryside and not a micro in that case but a larger box as long as it has a view but not a view of houses, but some houses are ok but not a factory but maybe an old factory with historical significance to some but others think it sends a bad message cause they employed children and its near a playground but not near that litter patch that wasn't there three years ago when the cache was placed. And it has to be an imaginative hide with whistles and bells and ropes and lasers which you loved but only green ones cause the red ones could interfere with the shipping and airplanes nearby the airport where in your humble opinion was an unimaginative place to bring other cachers because of the noise. And while there a lady of the night approached you and upset your delicate nature and why are we being brought here. Never mind that during the day it is full of street performers and the cache is called street performer square but you went at night to avoid muggles. And as long as its accessible to all but not on that or this path because people cycle on it and it was dangerous and was definitely most definitely missing so you are morally outraged. And the tree is getting destroyed because people are looking and the same tree anything but by the next umpteen visitors but lets log a needs maint because we are up our own arris and demand to be obeyed. I'm gonna report this cache in a dry stone wall and another 50 I've found but I reserve the right to do a series with 5 of the same thing on but won't report those cause they are my mate. It's a great hide and I had a ball so ill TFTC that and that's ok, no it isnt yes it is, no it isn't. Well it's within the rules, ill find another that brings that into question. It's safe it's a death trap, it's fun, it's safe, it's hidden too well, it's too easy, it's too hard it's too small too big it's too orange, and does not look like grass and certainly NOT an OAK. The coords are brilliant, off, fine, off, it's missing, it's ruining the frigging grass where people are walking and looking, how dare they tread on those weeds, rare orchids in this SSSI site, never mind permission was given, lets log a needs maint and kick off and jump on facecrack to start a group about it. Ill remove it myself and place it where I think it needs to be and report it and moan and wow what a frigging excellent trail of micros hanging in bushes, which bored me to death but I still did all 50 cause its not about the numbers but I wouldn't agree with the terrain rating. It's not a 4.4 more like a 4.3 cause I only scratched one bo**ock not two as stated on the cache page by the co so I'm mentioning that as a major moan. Must have been strimmed since, so I'm gonna complain to the co that his log was full and ignore the blank backs of the pages. The tide was out! the tide was in! the cliff was dangerous unlike all those safe cliffs we all love, and cache should be moved because its a death trap because its under a rotten oak which I could have been killed under and I can see its rotten despite being registered blind and you will listen to me and yes so what I did above below and that one on a mineshaft cage but this was different.


Ladies, Gents I congratulate you. You are diverse, you are special in each and every way. But by god you don't half spout some crap at times. Is this discussion. Not really. It's some .... person having a moan. That's not discussion that's moaning. Like TV in the 70's - "and to the lady who wrote in complaining that she missed the last five minutes of the show because the adverts were not on long enough .... get a faster boiling kettle luv" , que canned laughter and a "where's me washboard"








...... Seriously though don't you just weep for the reviewers dealing with this guff every five minutes.

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To the best of my knowledge, there are no trees or bushes which are heavy-laden with Tupperware as fruit. Tupperware does not occur naturally in the environment and nor do aerosol cans. Whether a Tupperware box is prettier than an aerosol can is a matter of opinion.

There are hundreds of caches out there which aren't maintained. Providing the CO performs maintenance when required, I am at a loss to understand why you felt the need to log a NM.

Its not the kind of cache which we would set but equally, we would have no problem logging it as a find and would only log a NM if it actually needed it.


We would be in a right old pickle in this game if we all logged NM's on caches we didn't 'like'.

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Two kinds of CO..


1) They want to take you somewhere good, to find something good, have a good time.


2) Want you mucking around in a pile of dog feces looking for the golden lump of turd. They laugh and laugh..think they are awesome.


I go for the first and just ignore the second.



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If you take it with the intention to permanently deprive its theft pure and simple.


You could take it and return it to the owner and pay their petrol and time to replace it.


Asked him and he said he didn't take it no reason to disbelieve him so that's the end of it for me. He doesn't like it others might.......

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