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Donated Trees & Benches

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I'm thinking about a new category proposal for a long time: donated trees and benches


We have a category for dedicated trees and one for dedicated benches.

But I have often found a donated tree or a donated bench. Did you also have?


Maybe this could be interesting to waymark such sponsored objects.

Maybe there are other typical objects that are often donated to the public? Do you know some?


What do you think?


Shall we create a catgory for trees, benches (and maybe other objects) which have been donated to the public by a person, group, business or other institution?

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great idea...but it should definitely include other objects. For example...I constantly see things like gardens with donation plaques that don't fit into any other category. I think a distinction should be made that if the item can be placed in a "Dedicated" category... (such as benches and trees)it should go there...but there will be some examples of a tree, bench or whatever that is "dedicated to X and donated by Y"... I think they should be excluded. If the object being posted is accompanied by a plaque/placard/sign which names the donor...but doesn't dedicate it in a category otherwise postable. There would also be an overlap with categories such as the Rotary...many of the items in that category are dedicated objects. Of course, there will also be an issue with items that commeorate something...already categories for those things.

Just some thoughts...but I support a category because I think (a) this is an excellent way to recognize those who make contributions...and (b)some interesting things just won't fit anywhere else. And © I suspect the story behind the donation of some things will also be interesting.

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I view these as an over prevalence problem... they are everywhere... Why waymark them? Are they intrinsically interesting... usually not. Useful... usually not unless I really want to sit down but then I don't care if they are donated or built by the government. (I have same problem with the dedicated ones and don't see the need to expand with more categories of the same ilk)

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Prevalence might be a real problem. That's why I just talked about trees and benches and not about every donated object. I think it is interesting if a tree is donated by someone.

Definition of Dedicated: = donated

(most "dedicated" trees or benches that I have come across have been donated)

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