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The game of CLUE geocache idea


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There is one in Colorado too, near Monument. You go to the first stop, choose who you think did it, based on the clues in the description and clues at WP1, and then head to your chosen "final". Either you are correct or are wrong. If wrong you have to figure out the puzzle again.

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There is a series of Geo-Clue caches in and around Rochester, MN. Each cache in the series has a card with a suspect, weapon, or room not in the solution. You have to find all the clues and determine the solution to get the coordinates for the final "Accusation" cache.


I haven't seen any individual caches based on the game. I'd be interested to see how it was done.

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And, sometimes, we can be a bit strange/evil? Here's our Clue cache: Clueless: The Revenge of Andy Bear

Five-stage multi/mystery. About a mile hike each way. Uphill both ways. Hiking permit required. And there are black bear! Each stage gives the coordinates for the next stage, plus eliminates a suspect/weapon and/or rooms from the list. Print out the puzzle and bring it with you.

Does not get a lot of finds. Has not been found since 11/2011. Oh, well. Hmm... 18 finds in seven years. Oh, well.

There is another Clue based cache in New Jersey. You have to find three travel bugs. Each TB gives you info on the coords for the final.

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