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Mystery book cache?


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Hi Guys,

I'm starting to look at placing some caches. I've got two micro planned, one of them almost ready to go, but i'm going to try and find a few more before I place them. Obviously I'm still new at caching so I do want a bit more experience before I place them.


Anyway, I would really like to do a larger one that is a little different. I would love to get an ammo can and fill it with books, with a note in the description to bring a book to trade. ideally, i'd love to have the books wrapped so you can't see what it is, but have a rough description (genre, age appropriateness etc) written on the paper. if i did that, i'd tell the cachers to do somethign the same. Perhaps I'd include the paper and tape, or whatever, in the cache itself. I've seen some libraries and book stores doing something similar lately and people seem to enjoy it. i feel like it could be a fun cache. if i do this, i'll be adding all the books that start off in the cache to book crossing so they can be tracked on there.


my concern is the waterproofing of an ammo can. from what i've read, most are, but given that i'm wanting to put books in an ammo can, i'm a little concerned. would putting another container inside an ammo can be a good idea or bagging the books, either individually or combined?


any advice?



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would putting another container inside an ammo can be a good idea or bagging the books, either individually or combined?

If each was in a sealed ziplock bag, that could help if water gets into the container. Unlike a cache log in a ziplock bag, the books are, I guess, not to be unsealed. So that saves a little on the wear and tear.


I hardly ever see water in an ammo can cache, and I live in an area of high humidity and occasional downpours. I have three ammo can hides, and one did get soaked when a ziplock bag was shut in the seal (huh, maybe ziplock bags are not such a great idea :anicute:). Anyway, if you are able to pick out your ammo can, get the newest, cleanest one you can find, with no dents or dings, and with a great rubber seal. Hiding it in a way that's a little protected from weather helps a lot. I think it will be fine, but can you fit many books inside?

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I've seen a cache like this - it was actually the 'bonus cache' at the end of a long, difficult series, and the container was a really big ammo can. The can was tucked well away in a small cave, so out of the weather, and the books on the inside were in a tough ziplock bag. Unfortunately very few people think to bring books with them to swap (it's not mentioned in the cache description!) so the contents have not changed much from the initial hide.

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