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Category Proposal: Humming Stones

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Hi, dear community and Waymarking friends,


first: sorry my english. :o


What do you think about "Humming Stones" (in german: "Summsteine") for new Category?


You can find it in science parks, museums, on public places or schoolyards, and it's a great pleasure to use it. I love them! :)


The discription is:

"Put your head in the hollow of the stone and hum different notes. When you hit the right note, you will feel a gentle vibrating sensation in your body. The result is a harmonious feeling of well-being."


If you don't know, what I mean: here are some examples, found in www:




There are a lot of this stones in Germany and I have seen it also in UK, but I'm not sure, wether there are all the world...


So, what do YOU mean? ;)


Thanks for listening and for reflection,

and best greetings from Germany,



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I have found on the internet "Humming Stones" in Germany (also in South Bavaria: "Genuss-Erlebnisweg Zugspitze" ;) ), Switzerland, Austria, UK.

Wikipedia says, there are historical ones in Malta and Bretagne/France.


Question: Are this Stones also in USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa? Or just in Europe?


Perhaps the name is not "Humming" Stone, but other? I'm not sure about the correct translation. In German, they are named "Summsteine".

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I think these can be waymarked in the Kinetic Sculpture and Art category. From that category description: "Since sound is created by movement, a piece that creates sound, if it does not fit in another category such as Wind Harps, is also welcome here."


As far as them being in the U.S., I know of only one, there may be more but they are not common for sure.

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I think, the category "Kinetic Sculpture" is not the right place, because there is no movement... it's just a Stone with hole in it!

And the sound comes only from yourself, when you start humming with your head inside the stone. ;-)


If the Humming Stones are very rare in USA, this new category could be a good chance to find them. :-)


Best greetings,


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Interesting pieces.


I have not heard of them before, and there is not really much useful information around in the web. So maybe I am wrong, but I see a prevalence problem.


How many of them are there worldwide? At first sight it looks like there are only a few, not enough for a category. But maybe most of them are just poorly documented.


If the number is high enough - let's say 500 or 1000 - I would support a category. If not, maybe they could fit in the Outdoor Interactive Science Displays category?

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I don't know how many there are. But I know 2 or 3 in southern Germany out or memory.

I'm sure there are more world wide.


I also thought about the 'Outdoor Science Display' category. They would surely fit into.

But maybe it will be better to create their own category. And yes they are interesting pieces.

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I think, the category "Kinetic Sculpture" is not the right place, because there is no movement... it's just a Stone with hole in it!

And the sound comes only from yourself, when you start humming with your head inside the stone. ;-)



I would check with that category's group leader. Sound is considered movement.

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Hello, everyone:


Die Sulzer contacted me asking if Humming Stone would fit in Kinetic. Yes they would. Both sound and light installations fit in kinetic because they are both based on vibration, which is movement. If it would help, I could add Humming Stones as an example of something welcomed in Kinetic.


Take care,


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sorry for the late answer, we were in holidays... looking for new waymarks. :D


Well, I think, there are a lot of possible categories for Humming Stones:


- Abstract Public Sculptures (yes, of course, it's an abstract public sculpture, but a very special one)


- Kinetic Sculpture and Art (there is said: "1. The piece must use kinetic motion as a central part of the artist’s intention." --> what about Humming Stones, the piece is not in motion, it's your body! The piece is just a stone with hole in it.)


- Outdoor Interactive Science Displays (but is to hum a "science"? and is a stone a "display"?)


- Sit-by-me Statues (can a stone be a "statue"?)


- Musical Instruments (yes, of course, it's also a musical instrument, but a very special one)


- Outdoor Wind Harps (not really, because the Stone and your hummmmmmm makes the sound, not the wind)


I think, some categories are according, but no categorie is exactly the right... So why not create a new one? ;)


Meantime, I found in www. a lot of Humming Stones and all over the world. So I'm sure, that there is no prevalence problem. I think, the new categorie could be a very good possibility to find and to show them! :)


Best greetings and thanks for your reflections,



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Thanks for you comments back. The category leaders from a couple categories have said they would be acceptable in their categories. I mentioned Sit-by Me Statues... that is really interactive sculptures, that is a category I lead so yes I can say they will be accepted there are long as a photo is submitted with a person interacting with the sculpture (put head in when photo taken). The leader of Kinetic Sculptures has also said that they are acceptable there because sound based sculptures are accepted.


I would say they would also fit in some of the other categories. It it is hard to get a category through when the object can already be submitted in other categories without a problem, no matter how "special" the item might be. There have been exceptions but they are rare. Usually if you see a specific category and also a broader category, the more specific category came first and probably would not have made it if the broader category was in existence. You can go for it but it may be a tough sell.

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Even there might be several categories that could accept the humming stones maybe they are still cool enough for their own category.


Yes, I agree. I've never seen one in my travels. That is why I would like to see a waymark category for these! A category would focus on these and help people find them or look for new ones. Let me know if you need help setting this up.

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