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Advanced search/filters for the map

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I've always wondered why the search parameters for the mobile app map and the website map differ so much.


On the iPhone app, you have the ability to do map searches for caches by difficulty/terrain, type, size, name, etc -- yet on the website you can only do a map search for cache type. Even on the "Hide & Seek a Cache" page where you can enter in more advanced search filters, it only displays the results in a list, and as soon as you click on "map this area" all it does is zoom into a section of the map where only *some* of your results are mixed in with every other cache that you're not even looking for.


I'd really love to be able to search the website geocaching map like I do on my iPhone app; with the ability to filter by type, size, name, D/T, etc. Not only would it be convenient for cachers when they're planning out geocaching outings on their computers at home, it would also make the user experience across both the web and mobile platforms way more consistent.

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