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Female Geocachers?

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Another female cacher here. Heard about geocaching through a newspaper article. Looked up the site and saw there was a cache about 5 miles away. There was a stuffed frog in it and since I collect and love frog.gif, my hubby and I went out after it. Had no GPS at the time so we just winged it. Found the cache within 15 minutes and that frog frog.gif sits on my desk now. Got a GPS and we've been caching pretty regularly since. I usually cache alone since my hubby works a lot of hours. He likes caching but I think I've got the bug more than he does. icon_wink.gif Sometimes our dog, Duke, tags along but I mostly end up going it alone. I love an adventure! Nothing beats a geocaching high! Cache on!


BTW: Brunette frog.gif



Cody, Nikki & Duke-- the Geo-Mutt



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I am the one that got our family into Geocaching. My husband and daughters, however, have been one hikes with me since the first one. I guess I was just the one that found it and pushed the idea. My husband,true to male stereotypes, it the gadget person and takes care of the GPS. However, the next generation is disproving that male/techie sterotype and my 15 year old daughter is just adept at handling the GPS>

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Team DreamGear includes two red-headed female geocachers.


My wife, Twinkielight, has been on a half-dozen or so hunts out of our current total of 30.


My 6yo daughter, Chi96, has been on more than half of them. She's made several finds herself, the most recent on the "Old Prison Cache" in Rutland, MA. Her size is an advantage in some situations.

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Brand New Cacher here! 1 week 10 finds. A group of us get together to BBQ and hang out. The core group consists of three families. One of the guys heard about GCing, and shared his information with us when we all got together for Labor Day. I have GC'ed every day since! Concerning the hair thing. I started out a blonde as a child, then to Dirty blonde, and then brunette. I've colored Red many times, and now the greys just won't stay away! icon_wink.gif

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Well we call ourselves "3 smart Blondes" and this is Mom and 2 daughters. so far we have set 3 caches and found 10 and a couple of sites we went to we were not successful.

We take our dogs Smokey and Freckles (female) so they sniff out some of the caches and we do not even use the GPS

what fun and we have seen some beautiful views.

keep on caching Girls



keep smiling and enjoy the life we have been given

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I'm a single,grandma cacher, friends introduced me to caching about 18 months ago. I found over 400 caches my first year. I cache alone or with friends or family. It's a great sport and have met some wonderful people geocaching. I have a red head's complection (freckles and sunburn) along with red highlights in my brown hair. Cache on women cache on!

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I received my GPS two years ago as a Christmas gift from a friend.When I opened the gift I looked at it and tried to act enthusied. He said it would be helpful on road trips. Well the GPS didn't leave its box but once. Then one day I read about Letterboxing with a link on the web to this site. Finally a use for the GPS. It goes with me everywhere and now my friend says I love it best. HA!! icon_rolleyes.gif

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I came to geocaching in an unusual way. Being a parrothead,I spend some time on the Margaritaville.com webboard. Someone on that board mentioned that they had heard that Jimmy Buffet is a geocacher. I didn't have a clue what a Geocacher was, but I figured if Jimmy does it, it must be worth looking into so I did a search. I was intrigued but it took several months of the idea sticking in the back of my mind before I took the plunge. (I tend to ponder before leaping into something)Hubby went with me one time & decided it's not for him, but my 13-year-old son seems to enjoy it & my brother-in-law is now interested.

My hair, if anyone really cares, is dark blonde/light brown, depending on how much time I spend outside. Buying some strawberry blonde highlights very soon.


"We'd mount an expedition heading up into the bay,superstitious children playing Pirate for a Day."-Jimmy Buffett

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Hello ! icon_smile.gif

lulu of the team woof & lulu.

Our daughter(cactus flea), who is in the army, got us hooked on geocache hunts. My husband did the first out of curiousity, and then we went from there.Doing some caches with our daughter & son in law in southern arizona.

It gets us off our butts and out in the fresh air and sunshine, Which at our age is important.

We are going to Vegas the first week in Oct. and have some caches printed off to do. Then on to a touring trip thru Texas, with a whole bunch of caches to do!


BTW: Another natural redhead with intervals of grey icon_biggrin.gif

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Greetings again! My DH gave me an e-Trex for my birthday last month, but he's the one with it in his hand when we go caching. Usually it is because I am driving and he punches in the coords while we get to the parking site. Guess it is time to get him one for Christmas.


A redhead trying to stave off the greys (only my hairdresser knows for sure!)



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Single,40,Female cacher in San Antonio, TX area.


Ex found out about it, and we started caching while we were still together, and now we both still cache, just not together...


Living, eating, breathing for my next cache... hope to see you on the trails.


I think we should have a singles mixer for cachers... just think what an event that would be.


Not all who wander are lost

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Add another redhead to the list! Newly addicted and loving it...am looking for a caching partner in my area of MD since my husband is a tekkie who prefers to play MMPORPG rather than venture outside and get muddy or wet. Contact me at jank_gbmc@iwon.com


Soccer is...football with finesse. JLK

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(raises hand also) I generally cache alone, although my husband and/or dog sometimes goes with me. I have a caching friend that sometimes goes with me, if the planned trip is an easy one. She's unable to do much walking, so I usually go first alone, then advice her as to how much effort she'd have to put into it.

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I am a gal, I am blonde, I cache with an Etrex. This is my first forum post, but I've been caching since January. I found out about it through fellow cacher, GroundskeeperWillie, and have been obsessed ever since. I have been afraid to even venture into the forums because so much of my non-working day is already devoted to caching, I didn't want to open up another outlet for it!

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I am a female geocacher. My husband and I go together- we started about 2 months ago. We started at the same time, and I think it will be a lifelong hobby. We enjoy the exercise and the beautiful scenery. And, it provides us with something we both like to do, which is a rare thing.


Regarding the haircolor: I am a natural "dishwater" blond, colored my hair red for a few months, and now have a newly-shaved head for a cancer fundraiser. So! :P

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Hair? It's almost waist length and flaming fuchsia.

Hmmmm....Mine is short and grey. It used to have the occasional red strand. Now, I daydream once in a while about dying it cone orange for a big autocrossing event (parking lot...cones....solo racing....my other hobby), but my husband would hate it.

Heard about geocaching a few months ago from a Scientific American article - how geeky is THAT? Sounded like fun, and I was looking for a more family-friendly thing to do that could include our 15-year old autistic kid. It's worked out really well so far, gets him outside walking and he seems to like it. My husband comes along sometimes, he's much better at actually finding things than me.

One thing geocaching has in common with motorsports (that I like very much about both of them) is that getting involved gives you a totally different perspective on ordinary things.

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Another cacher of the female persuasion here. An online friend told me about caching, and I was interested as soon as I looked at the web site. I cache alone, but hope to bring my husband along as soon his all-too-busy schedule allows. I've been thinking about bringing my dog, Pippin, (also a female), but if she catches scent of a squirrel, I'll be traveling much faster than my normal 15 mph pace. :)




Hair? Chestnut brown, soft curls, down to my waist.


Edited to add hair info, though I'm not sure why.

Edited by Pyewacket
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My brother who lives in Southern CA got me hooked. Now I am truly addicted. I live on an island which makes it tough. But I find my self looking for excuses to go off island so I can cache! My teenage boys come with me most times. They are very competative about it. We all are amazed at the places this sport has brought us to.

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My husband and I take turns planning activities with his Sister and her husband. I had got a Gps after I read an article about geocaching in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. I picked geocaching as one of our "group" activities. So the first time we all geocached was May of 2003. After that outing, I continued to geocache on my own.

I geocache by myself probalby 90% of the time. My husband will humor me and geocaching with me but usually only when we are on vacation and he doesn't have a choice.

My brohter-in-law who geocached with me the first time has since become a fanatic with close to 700 finds. I have also introduced my Mom & Dad to the "hobby".

One of my recent geocaching outings was while on vacation and we hit 14+ caches in 2 days in 4 states- Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota in between other "planned activities".


It is interesting to read everyones responses. Thanks!



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I'm not one much for forums, but I'll always answer the call of being female in a setting that men seem to think is theirs. :D


I had heard of/read about geocaching from several different sources over the last couple of years, but never had another reason to invest in a GPSr, so I didn't. Until...my Jeep got broken into and I just felt that I should've had one in the Jeep, so the insurance company bought me one. Imagine. :D


To fend off the boredom of unemployment, I ventured off in search of treasure after finding the website. Living in a world of my own creation (that of being a pirate in a former life) I also felt the need to modernize and recreate myself in an image of my own making--it's from all of that, and a good chunk of reading and teaching history--that I brought Anne Bonney back from the obscure depths of history. I AM Anne Bonney--though I think Grace O'Malley is a better grrrl pirate, but that's for another geocaching femaleto take on.


I'm completely hooked and have 4 or 5 protogees who are interested; and a very tolerant S.O. Our two geocaching pooches usually join me and Maxx-the-Schnoodle has found some that I have overlooked, bless his fuzzy little nose.

Except for the dogs, who adore Jeep rides, I usually go it alone, which is fine with me, I don't tolerate slackers very well, so's y'all can just stay in the Jeep, drink some water and wait 'til I get back ;)


Hair color is important? You redheads just think you're sooooo special, don't you? I think it has more to do with eye color, personally. How many others women cachers are blue-eyed? OK, then, let's hear it for the domination of blue-eyed, female, geocachers! (We could have teams: The Hairballs vs. The Other Recessive Gene Team!)


But, seriously, gals, we rock, we know it, and I'm dadgum glad to know y'all are out there tromping around. If yer ever heading to CO send me an email, if I can swing it I'll show ya some quick caches.

Cache on!

"Anne Bonney"

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Howdy! I am the female of the '2oldfarts'.


My husband got us into caching & now I love the caching side & he is into the benchmarking really heavy. I like to find the really old benchmarks that takes a little 4 wheeling to get to, rock cairns being one of the neatest things to go find...always a beautiful view to be had! :rolleyes:


I think I enjoy placing caches just as much as finding them & then I get a kick out of reading all of the comments about what a great cache it is & how nice the swag is in our own caches. That is how we are trying to better the game, since we have been to so many caches that have just junk in them, we are trying to show people that it is more fun to find a water tight container that is well stocked with 'new' items that are for all ages, tools for the guys, stuff for 'females', items for teenagers & a few toys too.


We started out rockhounding (I got my husband into that). So the Geocaching just fits into that idea real well. I like the caches out in the boonies better than the urban micros.


I am a brunette with some gray in it now & I earned every one of them! <_<



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Hi all,


Female cacher...found out about geocaching after a segment on the travel channel...boyfriend and I became hooked...then I became obssessed....so you can add the following to your totals....



Cousin - Nadiasmirnoff (obssesed with me and my caching partner...yes yes two girls hiking in the woods...)

Younger sister (teenager)

and working on middle sister...will be caching again with us this weekend...


In my caching family them women out number then men 4 to 2 (the two men being my boyfriend and father)...so we are a female dominated caching family...and proud of it!!!


Thanks for the fun post... :rolleyes:

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by TJWilson:<BR>I'm starting this thread to find out how many female Geocachers there are on this forum. <BR></font><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><BR>As a little side study, how many of you have red hair? Seems to to me to be a higher percentage of redheads caching.

;) Well isn't that a funny remark...

I happen to be a redhaired female cacher... o yeah, got into it by a close friend of mine. I go out caching alone or with my cache-buddy's.


Good luck with this thread!


p.s.: i'm not a natural redhead

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B) Very first post - but had to make my voice heard.

I read a news article on Geocaching and my heart started beating faster - I had to check out this sport. Looked up caches in my area - I was hooked. Found that two guys in my facility were cachers - they helped me pick out a GPS and that was that. My husband goes caching sometimes, but I am the addicted one.


This grandma is a redhead, and proud of it.


Ima Lost

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I've converted my fience to a geocacher. She loves getting out and caching with me, hiking, walking trails, even some that many would describe as "lame drive by" caches. She says it's just so she can spend more time with me. :) I've just got to love that woman.


My brother's wife isn't into caching and doesn't go with him, but he does get to take his 9 year old daughter with him a lot.

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Female Charter Member Geocacher! Not a redhead. My Mom and middle sister are both redheaded though, and I have taken Mom caching, but she hasn't picked it up on her own. My youngest sis is a brunette and is a natural geocacher. Sorry to mess up the whole redhead theory. :blink:


There are lots of good female geocachers out there, we are not alone! Maybe we just aren't as gabby on the forums as the guys; you know how they are, always flappin' their jaws. (sarcasm intended here)

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Yep -- I'm a ladycacher (and a new one) -- and blonde. Just discovered this a few weeks ago. Can't believe I never heard of it before!! I stumbled on it over the web (you'd think I would have before, working for an internet company for five years) and then asked around about it. Come to find out three guys who sit right near me at work do it. Go figure!


Told my hubby about it -- he likes the idea but I've been hogging the GPS. :tongue:

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My dad (candleman)was given a GPS for his job, and discovered the webpage. He told me about it and I started caching. I've now gotten my husband (Umac13) into it, but sometimes I have to drag him out. He's not as addicted as me. I only wish there were more caches closer to my home. We have to drive 1 to 2 hours to get to most caches. There are some around where we live, but we have found most of them. I'm headed to Utah tomorrow, and I'm so excited to be able to find more caches!!!



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It's been longer than 2 months since this thread started, but I thought I would add my name to the list....just heard about the sport a week ago...new GPS unit on its way :lol: I hope to have my first find this weekend. My partner and I are 53 and 60...we hope to incorprate caching with our travels...Europe this summer ;)

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:( I am happy to say that I am a single, female, brunette cacher. I have been at this great game for about 1 year. I usually cahe with my children who are 9, 7, and 5. Sometimes with littler ones that are visiting. I also have a hard time getting anyone to go with me. I don't really like to go alone. Had one real scary experience in the desert. :D Is there a site that helps folks connect to other cachers in their area? I started caching when I bought my gps as a pedometer and there was info about the web site in the package.
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Another female cacher here! I'm 19 and my sister initially told me about geocaching. About a year later, i chanced by the site, became immediately interested, and had a GPSr the next day. I had found my first cache by that evening, and loved it! Since then, i've gotten my dad hooked (the other half of the pair o' patheteic peripatetics), and we have taken my sister, mom, and various friends with us once in a while. So i guess i was the first to bring geocaching to my circle of friends. By the way, i'm a brunette, but it kind of looks red in the sun ;).

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My husband first introduced me to GPS 'scavenger hunts' at a Florida Land Rover Club rally in the Ocala National Forest a few years ago. The club organizers would hand out a sheet of coordinates to different teams, who would then drive over forest roads in the middle of the night to find the locations, where were documented with Polaroid pictures. Those who found the most caches received some sort of prize. I thought it was fun, but wondered if there was something more to this... So I did a little research on google and found geocaching.com. Thus far we've only done a few official geocaches, but this is something I'd really like to get into. :rolleyes:

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