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I just wanted to say THANKS!


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I got my 100th find tonight. I have been Geocaching since Memorial Day Weekend. I am fortunate there are quite a lot of caches hidden near where I live. And more importantly there are quite a few cachers who live close by and hide a lot of caches. Some are easy, some tricky. I appreciate all that are hidden. I am working on getting a few hidden myself.


So I want to thank them all. I have enjoyed every time I have gone Geocaching. Well most of the time, its not real fun coming up empty LOL. Although when I do not make a find it makes me want to get that one even more. So again thanks to all who have hidden caches I have found. There are quite a few very active hiders in my area. I discover someone (or group) all the time that has a cool hide and then I search for more of them. And also thanks to the people who have hidden the ones I haven't found yet, I am looking forward to the adventure of searching and finding them.


Thanks to the fellow cachers I have bumped into for giving me tips and advice. Also for sharing their stories. Everyone I have met has been so friendly and helpful.


Thanks to my brother mac367 for introducing me and my daughters to Geocaching. He gave us a few tips before we really started that we used right away and helped us out. We learn something just about each time we go out. We are getting better at looking at an area and zeroing into GZ. We each have "found" a cache from a distance as we are walking up to it. We have also overlooked the obvious cache for some time only to make the find and wonder what took us that long.


Lastly and most importantly I want to thank my 3 daughters. We usually all go out together and have been having a blast. I did get a few caches by myself near my office. Actually after just a few I realized one of the best things about Geocaching was doing it with my daughters. I no longer go by myself. I know down the road I may be doing it by myself, but right now I want to go with them. We have had so much fun and watching them make the find is great. Don't tell them, but I have spotted quite a few first, but let them make the find as much as possible. I am sure a lot of parents out there have done the same. Usually after dinner one of the girls ask if we can go Geocaching. As much as possible we do. Once fall and winter hit, its going to be a little trickier getting out. It would have been much harder to get to 100 without them. It also would not have been very fun either.


I am looking forward to them getting 100 (2 have their own accounts and are less then 10 away). I am looking forward to all of us getting to our next 100 and beyond.


So again thanks to all who have made Geocaching so enjoyable. It is a great way to spend time and adventures with my girls. It gets us out of the house. It is making memories that will last a lifetime. I can't thank you enough. As I said before there are some people around here who have excellent hides. I am looking forward to someday running into you and thanking you in person.


Cache on everyone... Have fun and new adventures... Create memories... Enjoy life...

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Welcome! And thank you for your positivity. Sometimes, it seems that the forums are rather devoid of it for a while. I also geocache with my kids, when they'll join me at least, and love the time it allows me to spend with them. Keep it up, you're doing it for the right reasons :D

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I'm going to add my THANK YOU right here also. First, Thank you! for starting this thread.

We are closing in on #1000 since starting June 2010, should get there this weekend. My husband and I always go together and since I work days and he works 3 - 11; weekends, vacations, and holidays are our only caching days. My daughter and granddaughter started with us 3 years ago, but they don't always get to go with us anymore. But it's always more fun with them along.

Second, I also thank everyone who has hidden caches that we've found (or will find), found our caches, had events we've participated in, and given advice over the past 3 years. We got started with a couple of friends who have since moved to OK from PA. Little did they know (or did they?) how obsessed we would get. They are coming back for a visit in late Aug and they have asked me to get a list of caches ready. Woo Hoo, it will be fun caching together again.

Third, can't forget all the people who have released trackables or moved one of ours, I love finding them and moving them along.

We are introducing a new geocacher to the game this weekend. I'm hoping he enjoys it as much as I do.

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Hey there Brother, Your welcome. I am glad that you and the girls are having a blast. Looking forward to our family caching adventure this weekend. Hopefully one or both of my youngins...well they are not really young anymore, but hopefully they will be able to join us. And I will second your thoughts on the local cache hiders of NE Ohio...lots of great hides of every type for us to choose from and seek out.

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How nice you are to post a thank you message! :D


Having fun in this game does mean we "rely on the kindness of strangers!" I'm amazed at how well geocaching works, most of the time. In my experience, 99% of cachers are good people, having fun and sharing their creativity with others. So many of us are quick to post complaints or rants when we don't approve of something or someone. It's rare that anyone takes the time to thank another person, especially if it's someone you don't even know. Thank you for encouraging us all to practice gratefulness.

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