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Garmin Streetpilot I3 Question

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So I have an old Garmin Streetpilot I3 and I'm new to this, I know from reading that you can track a geocache and narrow it down enough to actually find the thing, but my problem is that when I click "send to GPS" on the map, it will "write" to my device, and confirm it wrote, but It isn't in any tabs (Favorite Most visited etc) It has no files browser, and my PC although it has all the correct drivers doesn't seem to do the trick either. I know the basic location of the things I want, but I really need the GPS to narrow it down.


If anyone knows how it writes, please let me know, and yes, I am aware it isn't exactly the best thing to use for this.


Thanks! :lol:

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Do you mean a streetpilot i3?


Here is a link to the manual download: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/store/manual.jsp?product=010-00434-00&cID=164&pID=322&ra=true

If you want to use it to find geocaches, I think you may be disappointed. I don't see any way to switch it from driving mode to off-highway mode.


I also do not see any mention that it will load coordinates, either manually or by direct hook-up. The only mention of USB connection is for maps and MapInstall.


You may find this thread moved to the GPS and Technology forum by a moderator. Just so you know ahead of time.

That is a good thing though, perhaps somebody that frequents that forum may have had some experience with this unit.

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