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Oregon 600 slow to load after adding maps

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Hi all,


I just purchased an Oregon 600 and loaded it up with several maps. The maps are 4GB, 3GB and 1GB in size plus the built in basemap. The unit probably takes about 30-45 seconds to load up since adding the maps. It takes this amount of time each time it starts up so I imagine it runs a full index each time.


The maps are loaded on a 32GB SanDisk Class 10/UHS1 MicroSD card.


Can anyone else comment if this is normal and happens with your units as well?




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Yes, one of the them is in fact Ibycus TOPO Canada (4GB). The other is an OSM routable map for Canada (~1GB) and another for the USA (~3.5GB). There is also a KMZ map of Algonquin Park (~300MB).


I happened to buy a 32GB SD card for the heck of it as it was cheap thinking I would just load up all the maps I could possibly want and just toggle them on and off as needed.


The GPS is speedy enough once it's loaded up, it just takes a bit of time getting to that point.


Guess it's normal!


Thanks guys!

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So, if your maps are not transparent, then having more than one map enabled at a time for a given area will sometimes cause issues. I've experienced such problems with my 450t where it can take well over a minute for the map to update on the screen. It's mostly a problem when I'm driving and the map has to update a larger area more often. But I've experienced lags while geocaching by foot as well. It's rather annoying. It may also be that I have many GPX files with almost 1000 caches in them, but disabling maps helped.

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You have close to 9GB of maps that need to load each time you fire up the unit. Imagine any program on a normal computer that was 9GB in size (Im guessing not too many programs exist like that). But, even though the 600 is the latest and greatest, Im guessing that the processor inside is faster, compared to previous GPS units but no where near as fast as a computer. So, I venture to say that loading that much data could take as much time as you are saying it would take.


Unless I'm travelling far and long, I see no reason to have areas on my GPS that Im not planning on going to. Thus saving time when firing up the unit.

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