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I was at a meet and greet event the other night and several experienced cachers were comparing notes on attacking some of the oldest active caches in an area. Got me wondering... short of looking at/comparing every single cache page, how do I find the oldest active cache in a particular place (for instance Winnipeg, or Manitoba)? Is there a simpler way? Diolch/Thanks

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I'd use a pocket query for this. Define a radius that roughly equals your particular place (probably will end up being bigger, because places aren't usually circular) and then query for caches placed in year 2000.

If none, go from Jan 2001, to June 30 2001, just preview this, check the ones returned against your "place". A bit tedious, but doable.


For Canadian Provinces, you can use Hide and Seek a cache, then rank on placed date. So for Manitoba




Looks like the oldest active cache is GC21C, February 2001.

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When you open the list of caches near you, click on the "Placed" header at the top of the column. You will probably need to click it twice to get the placed dates in ascending order. This will give you all the active caches in your area with the dates they were placed, oldest to newest.

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