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Old caches in our countries

Carbon Hunter

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With the turnover of "local" cachers in our GCC countries on a fairly regular basis and having to rely on those that are left behind to do maintenance etc. - I'd like to bounce an idea off you guys.


How about creating an account along the lines of "QatarCacher" / "ADCacher" / "DubaiCacher" for each area.


Then as a cacher leaves the Gulf - he can send his caches to this account for adoption.


The account and email address (gmail can be passed on to the next willing "local") who remains behind?


Some of the older caches are just too good or iconic to archive IMHO


Commetns please?

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I don't think that this would be feasible as all ex-pats will eventually leave and the "account" would continually have to be passed on to somebody. Currently we look after each cache that has been left by a cacher and maintain as we would our own. Recently we had a case of a cacher leaving and he archived all his caches without telling anybody. By the time we realised this the caches had already been archived and removed.


In Qatar we have number of caches that are being maintained locally where the original CO's are long gone. Here it is working quite well as it is.


My 2c worth.

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I like the idea behind this but am not sure how it would work out in the long run. We had a similar occurrence of a cacher departing here in CY and archived all of his caches, never heard a peep about them being available to adopt and some were really good ones. We also have a couple here that seem to pride themselves on getting caches archived that belong to someone who had departed the area or has become inactive. I have been able to adopt one of them but the others have been lost even though the cache is still present and only needed a new log book or container maintenance. Those two make me sick and I have spoken to them about it but deaf ears...


I think its best that we either fully adopt or assist and maintain all that we can. The oldies are something to take pride in finding.

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Grant, not with you on this one, as "no one" is untimtely held accountable for maintenance and in the end its the reviewer who will have to take the final say and archive the cache.


Promotion of this "Hobby" is one of our aims and we try maintain caches left by others as best we can. We often use the facebook page to ask other cachers to please add a log sheet or check on a cache if they are going that way. We hope that this trend will continue once we leave these shores. Perhaps just leaving them and letting them run there course till they die a natural death, after all with the number of cleaning crews in this country, urban caches dont last for long anyway


In the UAE there are relatively few caches and it seems the number of new caches being submitted is declining. So to archive them all before leaving will perhaps will spark others that are left behind to get going and place a few caches, but then at least let the other cachers in the area know that you are leaving, again the facebook page for the country is still the fastest way of spreading news

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I think it is a great idea.


These special accounts could be set up to be administered by various users (2 or 3). GC administrators would then just need to associate the active cachers with the account as requested by the users in the area (maybe have some kind of online poll / voting system. Each assigned user would then use their own login credentials to access the account. This would give traceability as to who carried out the various actions. The great thing with this is that the email notifications would be sent to the users' normal email account. The only complication with this approach is that GC would have to build the functionality into the sites backend (probably not a trivial thing).


If this is not palatable to GC administrators / programmers to develop / implement the functionality on the site, then an alternative workaround would be to set up a new user account. Have the caches adopted by this account. Cachers in the area then just pass on the current logon details to the new "administrator". New administrator would then change the password / etc to take "ownership of the account. This handover would then be repeated at each handover. One issue to be considered is possibly the need to pass an email account on in a similar manner or the new "owner" would also need to change the email address at handover.


Keen to hear what you think about these proposals.

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My idea was just a simple gmail account for the email contact and a "non-premium" geocaching account for the cache ownership and adoption.


The two passwords would then be passed on to the relevant people as and when required.


An example would be in Abu Dhabi:


2 years back Carbon Hunter would have held the account - and then passed it on to Avanclan as he left the gulf - and Avanclan would pass it on to the most relevant or likely candidate/s now that he is moving on.


It certainly has its drawbacks - but it is simple and keeps any requests for new functionality etc. out the loop.

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