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How do I delete caches from an eTrex 20.

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You cannot delete some of them. It's all or none with a PQ loading on that unit.

Similar to loading a PQ without GSAK (which is not necessary to load a PQ).


The file contents of the GPX folder is deleted -- or, load a new PQ which will overwrite the old one.


Older Garmin units can delete individual caches as well as other GPSr makes yet can.

Haven't a clue as to why they would have eliminated that ability.


Note: GSAK can eliminate specific caches that you might not want if included in a PQ (before loading it to the GPSr). I don't know that there is a way to do it after the fact.


I'd just leave 'em. You are gonna end up overwriting the ones you don't want anyway. They shouldn't hinder your ability to find the ones you want to.

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By the way, you cannot delete any of them from the menu on the unit itself. You have to plug the unit into a computer and let the latter recognize it as a storage device. If the PQ file was unzipped, you can wade through the .gpx files and delete just the ones you don't want.


I use the free BaseCamp program for managing all of my geocaches (placed, found, to be found, etc.) and waymarks. If you use BaseCamp when the unit is plugged into the computer, you can navigate to the unit and remove the caches by selecting them and useing the DELete key; or right-clicking on the cache and choosing Delete.


By the way, I appreciate the fact that you spelled caches as caches. I'm not a language major, but it seems that the majority of folks nowadays think that an apostrophe represents plurals, when it means possessive (except in pronouns, where it means a contraction). I see lots of things like geocache's -- which doesn't make sense; geocache's what??. An apostrophe means that the geocache owns something that should follow, but which is missing. (Geocache's difficulty rating, for example, makes sense. But not simply geocache's!)

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