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Souvenir for Puerto Rico

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Since I began Geocaching in 2009, I've been advocating for the growth and development of Geocaching within my homeplace: The island of Puerto Rico.


Back in 2009, there were about 20+ active geocachers, and just over 250 caches. Now in 2013, that number might easily be over 100+ (and maybe more) geocachers and over 1,000 geocaches! The growth of the Geocaching activity here has been skyrocketing since 2002, and we would love to have our own souvenir since many many geocachers from all the world come here each year to experience the many natural wonders Puerto Rico has to offer. We have over 2 million visitors each year!.


I believe a short description of Puerto Rico (could be used for the souvenir), speaks of what our country has to offer:


The history of Puerto Rico predates the landing of the Mayflower on Plymouth Rock by over 100 years. When the Spanish settled the island in the early 1500s, they realized that Puerto Rico’s value lay not in gold or silver, but in its strategic location and deep natural harbor.


When you are looking for exotic locations, miles upon miles of white sand beaches, plus an unbelievable rain forest and mountains, you come to Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico is a modern progressive and civilized vacation spot that maintains the charm and hospitality of days gone by. You will find everything that the Caribbean has to offer in this all around family destination - and with it is a people whose warmth is equaled only by the sunshine that graces its shores.


Its natural wonders include tropical and dry forests, five star white sand beaches, bioluminiscent bays, and numerous cave and underground river systems. There is a great variety of places to explore in an area that while might seem small at first glance, is full of wonders to amaze and enjoy.


Even the US mint made a special design of the quarter coin dedicated to Puerto Rico in 2009! This island/country in the middle of the Caribbean has much to offer its visitors, creating an unique and lifelasting memory of the many wonders they can find within all its natural beauties.
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I second Elias in this request.


Puerto Rico has by now a total of 1064 geocaches, this is big number considering that the main island is about 110 x 37 miles. The oldest active geocache is El Jibaro GCBADB placed on 12/28/2002, but we had geocaches already placed before this date.


The geocaching community in this Enchanted Island is very active and we consider that Puerto Rico deserves a souvenir for the fast growing geocaching community, as well as, for the great number of geocachers that visits and enjoy the local caches.



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I think that Groundspeak have created a very innovative and simple way to remember each state/ country /or part of a country/ throughout these souvenirs. First giving pride to the local geocacher community of that particular place and for sure to foreign geocachers that visits the area and helps them to remember those great achievements.

Definitely Puerto Rico deserves at least a nice souvenir, and hopefully we can have that one pretty soon.



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We believe this is the perfect moment for us to have a souvenir. Many Geocachers from around the globe have visited us and others are planning to do so. The island is very diverse for geocaching which makes an ideal destination for geocachers from all over the world. What better way for this visiting geocachers and local cachers to remember their adventures in our island than with a souvenir.


Please Groundspeak make this dream come true for us. :D



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All the states already have a souvenir, but the US territories do not have one yet. There is a strong group of Geocachers in this US territory and it will be great if PR can have a souvenir. It will be great if Groundspeak creates a souvenir for PR.


Actually, Puerto Rico is not a 'territory'. It Is an associated commonwealth.

And, somehow, the city and the island exchanged names. San Juan should be the name of the island, and Puerto Rico the name of the city. Oh, well.

Yes! I agree that it deserves a souvenir!

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