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What is the most amount of stages you've seem for a multi-cache?

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Loop the Loop in Arizona has, if I recall, eight virtual stages followed by the final physical cache. Most of them are within .10 of a mile from the previous stage, though, so it's not too bad of a walk (but it was still a bit of a trek on a summer day in Phoenix).


I'd say that's probably about the upper limit of what I would consider reasonable for a multi-cache...the main difficulty was not the hike, but the potential for error with that many stages. Each stage gave you numbers to add/subtract to the coordinates, so any math errors early on could grow and cause catastrophe by, say, stage 7. (As I found out the hard way.)

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I just had my first experience with a long multi-cache. I'm not even sure how many stages it is. All I know is that I was looking for the fourth stage and got stumped.


Anyway, all the clues are hidden in the same small park. There is a drainage ditch "flowing" through the park, and a bridge over it. Each stage (that I found) was on alternating sides of the ditch, which required an irritatingly long walk down the same trail each time. Honestly, I got a little bored with it.


I think as long as each part is interesting in its own right, nearly any length (within reason) is fine.


Let me vent a little here too... I have been in the planning of a 4-part multi. One of the middle parts required a visit to a local scenic spot with a guest book to sign. I'd hidden clues in the guest book to lead the finder to the next stage. Just yesterday, somebody made that scenic spot into a virtual cache. icon_mad.gif


I've been procrastinating on my own multi, so it's my own fault... but dangit, I had such grand plans for that place. It's really very neat... and now its just a plain old vanilla virtual.


Oh well.



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I don't care for too many stages. More chances for one of them to go missing. I prefer multis that have 2-3 stages. Max of 4 is good. I've seen ones with a lot more stages, but I don't think I'd bother with them.


"Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing" - Helen Keller


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or so, I lost track after a while. Although the clues were well done it was waaaaaay too long. We spent a week going from one side of town to the other. I would have enjoyed it if the sites were important or I was learning history or etc.


I haven't completed to the final cache as it is located up on the top of a mountain. Soon though!


If I was to do a multi I would keep the legs under 10. Just MHO.


Cache Crazy

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I did one in the city by car featuring mailboxes that went about 15. The guy was a postal employee and constructed the cache as he did his route. At the end of the cache was a note on the first page of the log that said "heck I should have just given you my mail bag" or something like that. It was cool.

In the woods I don't like more than 6 or 7.

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El Diablo and the Evil Horde did a multi for Cache_Hunter 1 and myself over Labor Day that was a killer. The cache went from Raleigh, NC to Roanoke, VA. We each did half the stages, and met in Greensboro, NC. I had done a total of 15 stages, and 280+ miles by the end of the day. The cache was converted to a traditional after we found it. <---- Hell is just ahead, I still get nervous twitches sometimes. [shudder). El Diablo is the master of the multi!



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My buddy and I did one multi cache, and had some luck with it.

I wont say how many stages it is, since I didn't list in on the cache's page.

It is called the Back and Forth Cache.


If I was doing this cache myself, I would wonder if it ever going to end.

I think if I do another multi, it will be no more then four, for a few reasons.

One, the chances of making a mistake grows with each leg.

Two, as a player, I really don't like really long multi.

If you want to know how many legs it is, or any more details of the cache(and aren't planning on doing it) send me an email and I will fill you in

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Check out our Earth, Wind & Fire cache. It's a very unusual 9 stage multi (1 offset WP, 1 virtual, 5 physical intermediates and 1 final traditional cache). Compass work and puzzle solving are involved.


We've had a lot of finders say it's the best cache they've done so far.






I'm out of my mind right now but you can leave a beep after the message.

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Well, how about two 12 stagers, and they're more than worthwile, and CURRENT!






In fact, many of TEAM KFWB GPS caches are multi-stage, and all are very interesting.


Having just taken part in a TEAM KFWB GPS adventure this past weekend, I am planning a similar type of cache that will involve all 12 of my 'microcaches' already hidden. I may be scrambling a word or phrase up with 1 letter being inside each cache container (on the lid perhaps). That word, along with a couple other calculations will lead a cacher to a great prize, something of value that I do not any longer need.



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