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1000 hides achievement geocoin


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There is an entry in the "ALL GEOCOINS"-List at the Groundspeak site, that means someone (I don't know who) ordered the coin name already, but probably didn't produce the coin yet, because of no market - so far...


List of entries (id/name):

4643 Geo-Achievement Hides 300 Geocoin

4644 Geo-Achievement Hides 400 Geocoin

4645 Geo-Achievement Hides 500 Geocoin

4646 Geo-Achievement Hides 600 Geocoin

4647 Geo-Achievement Hides 700 Geocoin

4648 Geo-Achievement Hides 800 Geocoin

4649 Geo-Achievement Hides 900 Geocoin

4650 Geo-Achievement Hides 1,000 Geocoin


For 300 to 500 hides there is an customized icon (4643.gif etc). For more hides (600 and up) it's the generic icon.


Btw: same thing applies for the finds-achievements: there are entries for every 5,000 finds, but only up to 25,000 there are custom icons, and an additional one for 50,000 finds. But everything else seems not to be produced yet.


And there is a "King Boreas 1000th Hide" and a "King Boreas 2000th Hide" coin, but these are personal coins, the first one showing his name and the outline of Minnesota on it.

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It looks so far that there just isn't enough demand to produce a coin yet. A quick look with project-gc and I see that there are only 35 people who would qualify for this award in North America. We are extremely fortunate to have this geocacher in our community, I may have to buy a 600 and a 400 hide coin if I can't find the 1000.

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