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Suggestions for extra large cache containers


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Newbie here with another question! I have some ideas for some future caches I would like to set up in the coming months, and one of them requires some sort of extra large container (larger than an ammo box.) The opening would need to be at least a foot in diameter so people could trade large items, but it would need to be deeper and wider than a 50 cal ammo box.


I'm thinking perhaps some sort of bucket, though I'm not sure what kind of bucket would be water tight enough to survive our winters. (We live in Edmonton, Alberta.)


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Well I live in Medicine Hat-A little south or Calgary. I have some food grade buckets from Wendy's, but they only work if people close them properly. You might try looking at army stuff though-the plastic tubes they use to hold mortar rounds. Just don't put yellow paint on them or they might get called in as an explosive device...

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I've heard some folks use these Gamma Seal lids.....




...to make a watertight container out of a 5 gallon bucket. Would that be large enough for your purpose?

That's fantastic! I thought about using a bucket, but I didn't think the regular lids would survive the elements. Thanks for the link, this will be perfect (and it turns out they sell them at Costco!)

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Glad to help! Anything to prevent yet another film canister under a lamppost skirt 😊


Hey Chief301,


Last night we solved a puzzle and found a short Alladin thermos next to a lamp post skirt under a pine tree limb. Granted it was covered in camo tape but I don't think it will last too long. :blink:

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