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Boston One Fund Gecko Coin

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I have created a coin based off my Hawaii Gecko coin that will be used to send all proceeds to the Boston One Fund. As an avid runner and geocacher, I thought what better way to do so, then with something we all like. So here it is:




The coin is gold with blue for the Boston colors. The back side has eyes the glow in the dark. All coins are trackable on geocaching. Coins are $12.50 with lower prices for multiple purchases. Shipping is by USPS flat rate. If you are interested, please visit BostonOne Fund Order.

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It's a nice coin and i was already on the buy page when i found out the international shipping costs were set to 25 USD......


I have been looking for lower cost alternatives for shipping. Unfortunately, UPS wants $66, Fedex wants $89, and DHL is higher. This is all for a one pound package. I personnaly believe these prices to be outrageous, so I will not impose this for anyone internationally. I will continue to search for other means, looking for the best possible cost effective option. With that said, if anyone would like to bulk order, I am willing to lower the coin costs for larger orders. Please let me know if this would interest you, as it would lower the cost of shipping per unit overall.



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The most cost effective way is to ship through paypal if that is how you are being paid for the coins:


"first class package intl service - package/thick envelope" is only $8.88 for a 3 oz. coin


"first class package (2-5 days)- package/thick envelope" in the United States is only $1.69 for 3oz coin


then add .80 cents to $1 onto that for mailer, other shipping supplies, and handling

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